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About Us

Lineup’s flagship product AdPoint has been continuously improved through innovation-led expertise. It has delivered over £10 billion in ad revenue and trafficked over 12.5 million ads for more than 1000 international titles, sites and stations.

Our team is drawn from a variety of international advertising backgrounds and our detailed knowledge is used to continuously improve the user experience and deliver business value for our clients.  We focus our vision and energy toward creating cross-channel advertising booking, management, analytics and CRM tools that meet the desires and evolving business strategies of our media partners.

Lineup has installations in 33 countries and supports more than 4,500 users in 21 languages. Our revenue has grown over 35% per year without sacrificing profitability and we have doubled our customer base every year, leveraging the success of our product performance within our existing customers. This exceptional growth has come on the back of our product strength and the team’s dedication to delivering customer value.

In 2012 Lineup raised £3 million in capital funding through a private equity fund. This capital is being used for further strengthening of our products and global expansion.  Since the funding, Lineup has opened offices and contracted with partners in Scandinavia, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, Latin America, and Australia.

Our clients include the world’s largest international publisher Metro International, News UK, Telegraaf Media Groep, Time Out London, Time Out New York, the UK’s largest independent regional publisher Archant, Village Voice Media Holdings, and Abu Dhabi Media Company. Lineup will continue to enhance our advertising products in close co-operation with our media partners.  We are committed to delivering innovative, flexible, media-centric solutions that have a proven ROI.

For further information please contact one of our local offices:

USA: +1 828 734 0565   david.parker@lineup.com

UK:   +44 20 3440 2400  sales@lineup.com

Poland:   +48 502 499 001  mirek.kowalski@lineup.com

Australia: +61 439 840 800  mike.coghlan@lineup.com

Sweden: Gothia (integration partner): +46 8 52 25 40 00