Let Lineup lead you

AdPoint benefits & ROI

Smoother sales – 16% increase in net sales – Abu Dhabi Media

Lineup’s 100% web-based multi-channel ad sales solution provides everything modern media companies need to streamline their advertising sales operations, gain greater transparency and adapt swiftly to industry changes. AdPoint is one integrated total ad solution from print ads to online, from North America to Asia, from lead generation to invoicing.

  • Book multiple channels with one interface – TV, Radio, Online, Print, Events and Exhibitions
  • Gather data and generate leads with intelligent Customer Relationship Management
  • Create reports on global sales trends – or on a single salesperson’s month.

Lower costs – $8M reduction in credit notes – Metro International

With Lineup you can cut costs and improve quality at the same time. AdPoint and AdMount help you create a more efficient workflow, with savings that go straight to your bottom line.

  • Dramatically reduce errors and credit notes with fast, accurate page layout.
  • Increase sales staff efficiency with straightforward booking and intelligent CRM.
  • Control your cash flow with credit control, invoicing and financial projections built in.

Fast deployment – 3 week rapid deployment – Metro Columbia

Lineup products are 100% web-based. That means access from anywhere in the world, a lighter IT footprint on site, and rapid upgrades.

  • Rapid deployment in line with partners needs.
  • Regular upgrades – no legacy software.
  • Complete 24×7 support.