Let Lineup lead you

What we do

In a world where successful business practice is increasingly defined by the transparency of its processes, where disparate commercial, financial and operational teams can be brought to together with ever increasing speed thanks to technology and the fast paced demands of the modern day, we at Lineup bring the only multichannel workflow management tools in the market to bear.  Whether you publish across print, digital, broadcast and outdoor media, individually or collectively, we have a solution that will enable you to scale efficiently, outperform competitors and engage with the day-to-day business that enables cash-to-bank success.

  • Opportunity – Be first. Be proactive with your approach to sales and operations thanks to our single application AdPoint, providing clear audit-trails, information gathering and clearer communications between different teams and disciplines.
  • Efficiency – Be focused. ‘Business by Excel’ should be a thing of the past but all to often isn’t. We can help optimise internal workflow through our consultative approach, leveraging our diverse experience in print, digital and broadcast media.
  • Out-Perform – Be the best.  With advertising budgets always a premium, clients are constantly on the look-out for ever more creative solutions that work.  Our systems help cultivate that confidence that ensure you’re delivering what you promise.
  • Unique – Be different. No other vendor currently possesses true multi-channel solutions, that includes fully integrated CRM and social networking combined with Ad-Booking.
  • Quality – Be leaders.  Our existing client base already ensures we are focused on the needs of print, digital, broadcast and outdoor commercial enterprise; we service companies in 26 countries for dozens of business requirements and scenarios.
  • Long Term View – Be strategic.  Technology, even if ground-breaking is useless unless adopted.  Our professional services will help stakeholders change for the better the culture of the day-to-day practice.  This structured approach diminishes the difficulties businesses sometimes have in reaping the benefits of new technology implementation.
  • Possibility – Be innovative.  Spend less time in troubleshooting and more time in being creative.  Lineup’s system will aid the focus on the next sale, on the next proposal and lead by shedding a spotlight on previous and ongoing activity.
  • Real Time Knowledge – Be informed.  Our reports are customisable and will help you optimise campaigns toward resale.  In today’s ‘multi-transactional’ media industries it’s key to understand what is occurring with immediacy within any sales cycle.  Our expertise will ensure you can understand consistent pain-points and successes as they happen.
  • Impact – Be results driven.  Create a reputation for being best-in-business.  Our products introduce insights that enable an increase in yield across properties, accurate reporting courtesy of adserver integration results in data at your fingertips promoting faster response to clients needs.
  • Engagement – Be collaborative.  Teamwork is tantamount to success in any business.  Whether small scale, immediate projects or longer term, bigger revenue investment, we will provide the tools, means and knowledge in securing expedient turnaround of advertising sales and bespoke agreements.