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Finance Benefits

Finance Benefits
Lineup products allow the finance director to monitor and control yields and sales costs. In current economic conditions it is critical that finance managers are involved in the daily operations of the company.AdPoint helps Finance Managers:

  • Oversee the discount levels, net price per page (yield), credit levels, and payment collections
  • Review orders before they are booked, blocking bad payers and/or forcing pre-payment terms with the workflow approval process
  • Get real-time views into the financial health of the organisation with management reports
  • Monitor all aspects of the sales process against previous years, budget, and forecast
  • Automatic revenue recognition for online ads to correctly allocate revenue across campaigns
  • Accurate invoicing descriptions for each media channel for reduced invoice queries

In addition, AdMount gives finance the ability to see the profitability of a specific edition or page. It shows the booked and actual ad density, net price per page, and total revenue per edition.

Key Finance Benefits

  • Manage credit control more effectively
  • Ensure ads are selling at a profitable price
  • Full-featured invoicing system
  • Extensive reporting capabilities including aging reports
  • 2 way synchronisation with accounts system
  • Focused on decreasing cost
  • Track all changes to bookings and settings
  • Accurate revenue recognition