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Our systems have been developed in cooperation with real sales teams and sales managers. Sales staff worldwide utilise the product on a daily basis as a CRM tool. Local and global management teams utilise AdPoint to monitor and measure activity levels at the account, segment, staff, office and regional level. It is a fully-functional, multi-user sales support, report and order processing tool designed and optimised for advertising sales. CLICK FOR MORE


AdPoint supports all types of digital advertising including web, email, tablet, mobile, and digital signage. As with all the media channels we work in, our products support the most complex of booking scenarios but at the same time make it easy to use. Since most media companies have some elements of digital we can include full support for this media channel, or lesser support as required. CLICK FOR MORE


Lineup has arrived in the broadcast advertising space and our products are set to change it in the way we have changed the world of print and digital. We are delivering our integrated CRM, reporting, and finance modules into our ground-breaking broadcast booking features. Broadcast customers will enjoy increased sales, streamlined booking with automation, and reduced errors within days of implementing. CLICK FOR MORE


Paint the town with AdPoint Outdoor. Lineup has delivered traditional outdoor and digital signage solutions. We support everything from billboards to buses with standard or CPM based pricing. As with all the media channels we work in, AdPoint has integrated CRM, reporting, and invoicing so customers can stay on top of your business at all times. CLICK FOR MORE


With Lineup’s AdPoint product, all aspects of event bookings are supported from distribution events such as product sampling to trade shows, book trade shows, print programmes, track exhibitors, product sampling, music events, and much more. AdPoint allows your exhibitors to buy into the print publications and web sites with a single solution. CLICK FOR MORE