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The volume of ad insertions in broadcast can be huge and the right tools are needed to be able to book and modify campaigns with over a thousand spots on a single order. Lineup have developed innovative tools targeted at the specific pain points of booking broadcast such as the spot planning grid with heatmap.

AdPoint’s spot planning heatmap allows traffic to see which breaks are approaching capacity at the time of booking so they can use their judgement to spread the spots and still satisfy the customers requirements. This leads to a more even spot distribution managed by traffic rather than adverts being re-arranged by production. AdPoint also caters for alternate methods of booking orders such as purchase of audience by demographic or even a hybrid approach of fixed spots with remnants sold by demographic.

With a strength in analytics and reporting, considerable effort has been placed into revenue recognition of sponsorship and non-spot revenue which traditionally make a up a large portion of broadcast sales. AdPoint is therefore able to provide accurate yield reporting to provide feedback for the program scheduling and acquisition teams.

The platform already integrates with all major accounting and playout systems, and uniquely offers the capability to book a single order across multiple media channels and sales, such as a combined broadcast and web advertising campaign.

Lineup’s products contain no legacy software, are 100% web-based, work on all web browsers, and can be cloud based, hosted, or installed locally. Our systems have been developed in cooperation with real sales teams, sales managers, and advertising services teams to increase sales and improve efficiency in the business.

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  • Real time feedback of inventory availability
  • Automated spot planner
  • Sponsorship revenue allocation and recognition tools