AdPoint Digital evolves the concepts of real-time workflows and processes with automatic sales-package discovery.

Complete solution covering all digital channels and sales types — goal based, time bound, fixed cost, and more

Two-way integration with mainstream ad servers for booking, campaign optimization, and forecasting.

Innovative targeting and package builder completely in tune with inevitable flexibility required for online booking.

Automated OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) and optimization capabilities.

Complete System

Lineup is driving innovation to the next level with our digital advertising sales systems. AdPoint Digital is a complete sales management, booking, financial, and analytics system for digital advertising. Whether you are booking online impression-based ads, time-based classifieds, mobile, tablet, or another type of digital advertisement, AdPoint has you covered. Our industry experts have delivered the most comprehensive digital booking system in the industry. AdPoint Digital is designed to meet the demands of multi-channel companies as well as pure-play digital businesses.

Fully in-built CRM and proposal building will keep track of the full sales cycle. Integrated social networking provides a collaborative environment for all users of the system. It automatically presents cross-channel up-sale opportunities as well as increases transparency and clarity during the campaign delivery process.

AdPoint Digital goes beyond delivering a complete digital booking solution and integration into mainstream ad servers, it evolves the concepts of real-time workflows and processes with automatic sales package discovery. By providing flexibility in targeting and price packaging, it will help you become more adaptable to the continuous demands of instant campaign creation and optimization.

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