Lineup’s world-class CRM solution has been designed specifically for media companies using industry vocabulary and best practice workflows for growing advertising sales and revenue quickly and sustainably.

World-Class CRM expertise for Media Companies

For companies using Salesforce CRM, Lineup has partnered with CassaCloud to offer our Salesforce development service. This enables us to deploy our Salesforce expertise to create Salesforce solutions tailored specifically for the media advertising industry. Our complete multi-channel booking system, AdPoint, is surfaced seamlessly within Salesforce using Canvas technology.

Lineup has bundled in over 3 man-years of Saleforce development and 20 man-years of booking system development into a package that can be deployed as a product in the Salesforce platform. For the first time, users of Salesforce will benefit from a fully-featured ad booking engine and be able to check inventory, make reservations, enter and manage bookings across all media channels.


Through our development partner CassaCloud, we have a Salesforce partner as our in-house Salesforce practice. Our Salesforce booking solution is the industry’s best Salesforce ad-booking product on the market today. We have a dedicated Salesforce development and support team and often take on the entire Salesforce development project for our customers – extending the scope well outside of the booking capabilities.

This not only underwrites the trust and reassurance our clients place in our quality of service but, specifically, enables Lineup to develop a managed package of code for Salesforce. This product can be installed into a customer’s Salesforce organization swiftly and smoothly, giving them the full booking, billing, and analytics functionality as a true Salesforce solution.


Companies who have already made a strategic investment in Salesforce need not detract from their approach. They will continue to use Salesforce as planned, but with the added benefits of Lineup functionality, combined in a single system, integrated in real time, and with full replication of data, tools, or reporting mechanisms in native Salesforce objects.

The value is that media companies can access the mainstream tools within Salesforce but also gain the powerful capabilities of Lineup’s advertising booking and financial workflows, designed specifically for media companies. This unique proposition enables them to retain a simplified, intuitive, and streamlined user experience while also realizing far greater ambitions and commercial vision for growing their advertising operations and revenue.


Lineup uses Canvas technology to add increased interactivity between Lineup and Salesforce when injecting our custom components into the Salesforce user interface. The canvas API allows Lineup CRM to use payloads to pass information in real time without using precious API calls in Salesforce.

This allows Lineup’s integration to:

  • Cut years off a typical Salesforce project timeline
  • Take all of Lineup’s booking, inventory management, analytics, finance, and workflow approvals into Salesforce at the start of the project
  • Blend our booking engine seamlessly into the Salesforce pages
  • Improve page-load times
  • Pass data within the UI to reduce latency and bypass Salesforce API usage
  • Understand the context of the page load to populate fields in Lineup’s forms
  • Manage the parent page through Lineup to ensure links from within Lineup can control the parent pages (bypassing security issues)
  • Reduce API usage in Salesforce
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