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Sales Benefits

“With Lineup we finally have a system that delivers on the current needs of our newspapers. We are now a customer-focused media company gaining market share in a declining ad market. Plus, we are reducing cost as a direct result of these systems.”

Jean-Francois Pinard- Torstar/Metro

Drive additional sales for your organisation by using the AdPoint suite. Lineup has completed pre- and post-study evaluations that show a demonstrable sales improvement as a result of the AdPoint sales tools.

AdPoint can help sales management:

  • giving complete visibility into the activities and performance of their team
  • giving daily and monthly dashboards showing the progress of sales, real-time inventory management, cross media booking capabilities (print, online, radio, etc)
  • tracking budget and activities
  • AdPoint Social automatically gives managers updates on the activities and sales of reps in their team or across the group

AdPoint has many benefits for your sales reps:

  • Automatic pipeline management means minimal data entry and maximum value for their time
  • Built in coaching using AdPoint’s built-in Sales Board to help sales reps sell at a consistently high level with no sales dips
  • AdPoint Social automatically highlights activities that have an up sell opportunity – increasing cross media and cross media sales
  • Automatic reminders on expiring campaigns and seasonal sales opportunities
  • Real-time reporting widgets on target achievement and trends vs. last year

As part of our service we will help to identify the areas where AdPoint can help your sales team as well as quantify the benefits for your specific sales operation.

The AdMount product for ad layout has additional tools to allow the sales team to see real-time placement of ads and status of admaterials.

Key Sales Benefits

  • Cross sell into any media channel in a single order
  • Check available inventory at the click of a button
  • Track opportunities and proposals in seconds
  • Sell at a constant high level without hitting temporary dips
  • Measure sales reps activities and conversion rates
  • See sales reports by agency, market sector, customer, brands, regions, and more
  • Generate automatic hit lists through lead generation tools
  • Track the status of your order in real time
  • Manage commissions and targets directly from the system