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The DispoCloud platform brings together browser-based applications for cross-media ad sales support, production planning, advertising and page production.


Centralized planning

DispoCloud planning shows the actual state of planning and production online, in real time, on every device which supports an HTML browser. Communication within DispoCloud is entirely internet-based, using secure and certified SSL connections.

Ad sales integration

Communication with the ad sales system is online and in real time. Different workflows can be realized, such as automatic placement of ads in booking areas or a direct placement on the page defined by the media sales staff.

Drag & drop placement

Ads not subject to automatic placement are simply placed onto the appropriate page and position via drag & drop. Thanks to selective page inheritance, ads which are booked for regional editions only have to be placed once.

User rights management

Comprehensive user rights management is used to set up the rules for users to access products and plans. It can be used as a tracking tool by anybody who needs to see the state of planning and production.

Magazine planning

Especially of interest for magazine production is the possibility to create and manage multi pages.

Creation of special pages

Pages planned for special themes or as advertorial pages can be opened directly for processing. Images can be uploaded directly in the browser and page elements can be rotated and/or scaled. 

Company Information

Company Name: Classwizard GmbH
Website: classwizard.com
Contact: +49 40 8090450
ClassWizard GmbH are solution specialists in the area of planning and production of print and digital products. The companies customers are mainly newspaper/media houses who wish to eliminate all analog steps, improve and slimline processes and worklflows in order to be faster and reduce cost. Being entirely browser-based and therefore Cloud-enabled our solution platform ClassWizard DispoCloud guarantees for fast ROI and reduced TCO.

App Name:

Classwizard GmbH

Publisher contact:
+49 40/809045-0

First Release:
June 2014

Latest Release:
May 2017

App Version:

Minimum Adpoint version:




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