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Localstars is a Creative Management Platform. We enable Media Owners around the globe to automate sales, benefit in production efficiencies and streamline delivery of digital advertising at scale.


Localstars is a creative management platform. We enable Publishers around the globe to sell more, produce more and traffic more without adding additional resources. Our ad building technology allows our customers to easily build stunning digital HTML5 ads, in any shape and size, all at the same time, in minutes.

Our customers achieve 30% higher average order values by leveraging our build-once, get multiple shapes ethos to automatically create premium format adverts as an upsell option for advertisers to buy. Our solution has helped customers design more ads with less resource while eliminating the need for the copy chasing and automating trafficking.

Furthermore, our Sales Automation Engine has enabled customers to realize 25%-45% conversion rates on their outbound speculative ad sales. Localstars do this by powering a creative led sell that uses data tracking and algorithms to help sales teams prioritize the most engaged prospects. Localstars’ technology is proven to improve advertising sales by 55% year on year.

Last year the platform was used to build over 1,000,000 ads.

Company Information

Company Name: Localstars
Website:  www.localstars.com
+44 (0)207 493 9900
Since 2008, Localstars has been delivering unique advertising technology to increase ad sales and lower ad costs by giving media companies the ability to efficiently build and deliver a customer’s advert in multiple formats at the same time for online, mobile and print. Based in London, Localstars is a fast growing, innovative advertising technology provider.

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Localstars Ltd

Publisher contact:
+44 20 7493 9900

First Release:
October 2016

Latest Release:
December 2017

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