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Myriad is a playout and automation system for the broadcast radio industry, providing manual, live assisted or fully-automated radio playout.


The Myriad family also includes music and advert scheduling, CD ripping utilities, multi-media playout and reporting / administration utilities. Myriad Playout can also be expanded to include remote voice tracking and split transmission / network programming.

Myriad Playout features

  • Simple to understand and use.
  • Flexible and intuitive live assist mode.
  • Switch between automation and live assist with a single click.
  • Dynamically adjusted automation to interact with ‘real world’ events such as live news.
  • Hardware interaction with the real world.
  • Powerful search facility including search for song of X length.
  • User specific ‘Instant Cart’ hot keys.
  • Intuitive ‘dashboard’ tells you what is playing and what is next.
  • Automatic ‘sweeper’ back timing.
  • Drag and drop schedule log manipulation.
  • Record and edit audio on the fly.
  • Hook the most recognizable bits of songs and play them as teasers.
  • Rip CDs directly or mass import MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, MP4 and M4A.
  • Voice Track entire shows in minutes for believable, solid automation.
  • Supports dual screens with scheduled log on one and Audio Wall on the other.
  • Touch screen compatible.
  • Built on P Squared’s SmoothStream technology.

Company Information

Company Name: P Squared
Address: 1-2 Maritime House, Livingstone Rd, Hessle HU13 0EG, UK
P Squared is the largest UK based software development house specializing in software for the broadcast radio industry. It offers a full range of products covering all areas of modern radio. In 2015, the Broadcast Radio Family was formed and P Squared is now the software specialist for Broadcast Radio Limited.

App Name:

Broadcast Radio Ltd

Publisher contact:

First Release:
April 2013

Latest Release:
April 2013

App Version:

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