Author Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany is passionate about creative problem-solving, ad tech innovation and all things digital. As Digital Product Manager, she helps create products for digital media teams and provides insight into the latest trends by writing for Lineup's Newsroom and other industry publications. Prior to her role at Lineup Systems, Tiffany was the Director of Digital Operations for a national U.S. publisher and a Sr. Digital Media Buyer for an automotive ad agency.

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2019 Digital Ad Spend by Industry (Hint: Retail Dominated!)

As retail marketers face increased demand to deliver on multiple priorities, it’s no surprise that digital advertising spend in the industry grew by nearly 20%

13 February 2020
198 Min Read
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Space to Grow Without Third Party Data: Q&A with NASA’s Social Team

How was advertising executed before the internet existed? We set out to find examples of those who were creatively leading the way without the use of third party data. Read about NASA's approach.

11 February 2020
171 5 Min Read
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Political Ad Spend Trends That Will Affect Publishers This Year

The political campaign spending engine is revving higher than ever before, with media buys in the 2019-20 cycle projected at $6 billion, according to a

4 February 2020
312 11 Min Read
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The Move from DMPs to CDPs: What Publishers Need to Know

The need for comprehensive consumer database tech has become top of mind for digital marketers and advertisers as the industry shifts further toward a data-driven

21 January 2020
308 13 Min Read
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Programmatic Trends: The 2019 Predictions We Got Wrong And Right

At the end of each year, thought-leaders voice their opinion on what they believe will be the “next big thing” in the media industry. What did we get wrong and right in our 2019 Digital Trends white paper?

14 January 2020
398 7 Min Read
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Augmented Reality in Advertising: Will it Take Off in 2020?

The rise in Augmented Reality (AR) is apparent throughout industries such as gaming, healthcare and education. As we move into 2020, the advertising industry is

10 December 2019
416 7 Min Read
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Yield Management Tips for Digital Publishers, Part Two

If you’re a digital publisher, you know that revenue management and maximizing yield involves more than analyzing eCPM trends. In part one of this two-part

19 November 2019
601 9 Min Read
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3 Yield Optimization Tips for Publishers (Part One)

Yield management can be described as analyzing data and performing certain optimization techniques to maximize performance and revenue. One of the simplest forms of inventory

12 November 2019
1016 9 Min Read
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If You Still Think Programmatic is Sold at a Lower Rate, Think Again

Due to the ever-changing digital landscape, and thanks to laws like GDPR and CCPA, there’s a growing interest in programmatic guaranteed over RTB-driven programmatic buys.

5 November 2019
443 Min Read
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Should Publishers Join Facebook’s New Section Dedicated To Journalism?

Last week, Facebook started testing ‘Facebook News’ with a limited number of U.S. beta testers and 200 publishers, including Business Insider, Buzzfeed News and The

29 October 2019
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