Smart automation tools add efficiency and transparency to ad-production workflows to maximize revenue.

Send ad orders to your ad server of choice automatically and receive delivery data back automatically.

Automated prompts remind your team to send mid- and end-of-campaign reports for each running campaign.

Reserve proposed inventory in the ad server in real time.

Focused on achieving fast ROI through streamlined processes, accurate tracking. and minimal errors.

Powerful and Intuitive

AdPoint provides powerful and intuitive tools to input, serve, target, optimize, manage, and report on the performance and traffic of online ads to maximize effectiveness and revenue. AdPoint’s best-in-class inventory management allows users to self-serve inventory checks in real-time, providing valuable operational data exactly when needed.


With Lineup we get to access powerful tools which we can adapt at a click of a button and pay as we go. It’s ideal for growing media companies who require agility”

—Keith Magnum, Managing Director, Hackney Citizen.

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