In more than seven years of operation, there has not been a single failure as a result of a Lineup Systems product.

Easy to install and configure.

Local IT managers are supported by Lineup.

Built-in disaster recovery.

Performance and stability come as standard.


Transform your organization’s IT functions and performance by using powerful, 100% web-based tools that are easy to install, update, and recover.

  • Disaster recovery with a four-hour backup window and a one-hour recovery time is built in to all products
  • All server products use Microsoft servers and MS SQL databases by default with standard patch levels
  • All products are 100% web-based and work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
  • The installation and maintenance of the server can be assisted by the Lineup team either on-site or remotely through a VPN connection
  • There are no messy configuration or XML files to set up
  • All installation and configuration is completed through the administrator web interfaces
  • AdPoint can connect to all major accounting (general ledger) and ad-serving solutions


“Lineup clearly understood our business goals, aggressive timelines, and—with the AdPoint solution—they were able to take an extremely complex operation live in just three months.”

— Mark Nouwen
Information Manager
Telegraaf Media Group

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