AdPoint provides unprecedented insight and valuable real-time data to keep strategic planning and decision-making timely, transparent, and relevant.

Get your KPIs in real time, when you need them; no IT involved.

Ensure all discounts get the right approval level.

Set and monitor strategic sales targets for revenue and sales activity.

Our expert staff have firsthand media industry experience and understand strategic and commercial issues in detail

Meeting the Needs of Sales and Management

We provide executive management and sales teams with what they want to see because we work collaboratively. From reviewing sales-pipeline activity and proposals to lead generation, year-on-year revenue trends, or comparing an individual’s sales performance within the team, AdPoint’s business intelligence can deliver an overview of all this activity at a click.

Management can see how much their clients are spending by agency, region, brand, or market sector. The reporting module can group and sort results to give the exact business intelligence needed to make informed and timely decisions. AdPoint automatically generates weekly and monthly reports for one-on-one and team meetings for reviewing sales activities and forward planning.


“Lineup has a longstanding and highly successful relationship with Metro (US) in helping deliver on their sales strategies and business goals.”

—Yggers Mortensen
CEO and Publisher
Metro (US).

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