Break the cycle of bad information, bad leads and poor sales performance

According to a new report from the Local Media Association (LMA)*, only 1% of local media leaders strongly agree that their sales reps do a good job when it comes to selling online advertising. That’s 1 person out of 130 local media leaders surveyed.

Most survey respondents believe that a human capital problem – recruitment, retention, and training of digital media talent – is a large part of what is holding them back from online ad sales. But it’s our belief that the failure to pivot to online ad selling is not only about a lack of sales talent, it’s also about media companies not having the right insight required to fuel online ad selling.

Download our free white paper "Breaking Bad Digital Sales Performance" and learn how to empower your digital sales team with the insight they need to succeed.

What’s inside:

  • A summary of the top challenges media companies are battling today
  • An overview of the insight your online advertising sales team needs to succeed
  • The pros and cons of existing advertising sales management software
  • Tips for identifying a best-fit advertising sales software

*LMA’s report “The Big Disconnect in Local Media: How Can We Fix It?” published February 2018



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