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US Media Giant Gannett Partners with Lineup Systems to Deliver Financial Transformation

A modern media success story, Gannett has witnessed phenomenal business growth through a long history of wisely-chosen acquisitions and forward-thinking management approaches. This willingness to innovate, to push the boundaries of media and technology capabilities, is never more evident than when Gannett faced the challenge of how best to merge these acquisitions – with their disparate ordering systems, workflows, and processes – to achieve operational excellence.

The Challenge

There were several key issues that Gannett sought to resolve:

  • Legacy systems were aging, disparate, and costly
  • Legacy financial reporting processes, operations, and data entry points were increasingly causing the company major, and time-consuming, revenue recognition problems
  • Order system silos led to multiple customer invoices and statement of account formats
  • The print-centric accounting systems and practices weren’t suitable for the multi-channel, digital-first focus of the business

A rigorous tender process followed involving several leading industry players. In light of Lineup’s client successes with large publishers such as News Corp, Time Inc. and Toronto Star, Lineup Systems was chosen to help centralize and optimize all aspects of Gannett’s mammoth operations with the 100% web-based Adpoint platform.

“Our major challenge was how to create consistent billing and financial reporting across our network without having to replace the entire existing infrastructure.”
Mark Cole, Director, Governance & Business Alignment, Gannett


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