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KM Media Group Leads the Way in Multimedia Advertising with Adpoint

KM Media Group (KMG) has been the main source of regional news in Kent, UK, for over 200 years. Starting out as a local newspaper – The Kentish Post – in 1717, the company expanded and diversified over the years and, today, is a thriving business, offering award-winning news across a number of channels, including print, digital and radio.

Key to its success in recent years has been its pioneering approach to multimedia advertising. Recognizing early on the potential of an audience-focused, multi-channel sales offering, it sought a technology partner that could provide it with the agility, functionality and cross-channel capability to make this evolution. This partner was Lineup Systems.

“Selling radio with other channels created an appealing proposition for us, but also presented the challenge of how to integrate with our print-centric booking systems.”

Duncan Gray

Operations Director, KM Media Group


By 2014, the group’s multimedia assets had increased dramatically to include seven radio stations and a rapidly-growing suite of websites, in addition to its print portfolio. “We saw a huge opportunity in packaging our media assets and refocusing our sales based on our audience, not our channels. Selling radio with other channels, in particular, created an appealing proposition for us, but also presented the challenge of how to integrate with our print-centric booking systems,” says Duncan Gray, KM Media Group’s Operations Director.
Gray and his team started looking for a solution which would help the group integrate all sales channels into one solution and simplify the complexity of the multi-channel sales process and supporting IT infrastructure.


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