2000 Founded in
4.5m Monthly Readers
Markets in Boston, New York & Philadelphia

The 4th Largest Daily Newspaper in the US Pilots its Business with Adpoint by Lineup Systems

There’s no doubt about it. The way we consume news and entertainment has radically changed over the past decade, creating both challenges and opportunities for media companies of all shapes and sizes.  According to Wilf Maunoir, Marketing & Research Director at Metro US, a free daily newspaper published in New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, the structure of the advertising market has changed dramatically, “not so much with the expansion of the Internet, but more really with the introduction of smartphones.” Pew Research indicates that 77 percent of Americans now own smartphones and with Wi-Fi readily accessible in a vast majority of public spaces, more people are consuming their news on the go and have more options to do so than ever before. The evolution of news consumption encouraged Metro US to transform from a newspaper business into a media company with a diverse range of print, outdoor, and digital products. These expansion initiatives have paid off in a big way since launching the paper in the US in 2000.

“Lineup has been a true partner. They are constantly innovating Adpoint to meet our business needs.”
Yggers Mortensen,
CEO, Metro US

Today, Metro US is the 4th largest printed newspaper by circulation and reach with over 4.5 million readers in print and online., the company’s news site, has skyrocketed to 2.0 million monthly unique visitors, and advertisers are increasingly taking advantage of the company’s growing range of cross-channel advertising opportunities including print, online, native, content, email marketing and sweepstakes. Expansion in the midst of an environment where advertising revenues are challenging to grow have pushed the company to, “keep improving efficiencies across the organization, to work smarter, and to do more with fewer resources,” says Maunoir.

A key element of the company’s transformation and ability to increase its efficiency has been the implementation of Adpoint, an advertising sales solution from Lineup Systems that manages every aspect of the advertising sales process – from lead generation to cash collections. Maunoir states that, “Metro pilots its entire commercial business with Adpoint.” The system serves as the backbone of its commercial operations, enabling the company to manage its advertising booking, approval, invoicing, and reporting across all of its channels with one system.

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