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Leading Belgium Advertising Sales House Adopts Adpoint to Enable Business Agility

Lineup Systems | News | 5th December 2019


ProduPress Advertising replaces in-house system with Adpoint.

LONDON, UK. – Lineup Systems today announced Belgium publisher, ProduPress Advertising will revamp their multichannel advertising sales capabilities by deploying Lineup’s cloud-based advertising sales platform Adpoint. Adpoint combines CRM, order management, finance and analytics tools into one solution that can be easily reconfigured to meet changing market needs. ProduPress will be able to optimize business performance by leveraging one single platform to manage every aspect of its multichannel advertising sales and finance process across their portfolio of automotive and real estate magazines and websites.

ProduPress Advertising is a leader in automotive and real estate advertising in Belgium.  Their website credits their success to “conquering leadership positions in specialized niche markets.”

Thierry Hottat, ProduPress’ Director of Marketing and Sales Administration, says that the decision to switch from an outdated in-house software system onto Adpoint was made to address two challenges: sales inefficiencies and inflexible product development. “Our sales team has to sell and spend as little time as possible in sales administration,” explained Hottat. “We also must follow market developments that are moving faster. Our old system didn’t allow us to be as mobile or flexible in product development; to evolve our products based on the demands and needs of the market. That’s what pushed us to make those decisions to change.”

Having gone live with Adpoint earlier this fall, Hottat says ProduPress is over the hump of their implementation process, but still discovering new features and functions they would like to use.

With the new year fast approaching, ProduPress is preparing for a large car show that takes place in Belgium each January. This large event represents a chance for them to use Adpoint’s full functionality, something that Hottat says is very exciting: “We’ll be able to track our budgets and our targets, which is new to us. We did that previously, but it was less developed. I strongly believe in Adpoint’s ability to help us with this, which would be a first form of return on investment. I hope to reach and perhaps exceed our targets because of Adpoint.”

“ProduPress has been a pleasure to work with throughout this process,” said Christian Darroy, international sales manager at Lineup Systems. “The premium position of Produpress in two key vertical segments (auto and real estate) is a strong sign of confidence of the ability from Lineup to help publishers and media sales house to increase their market share in a competitive market.  In  addition Produpress is another ley reference in our growing French speaking customer base”.

About Lineup Systems

Lineup Systems is a leading provider of advertising sales technology. Our cloud-based solution, Adpoint, is an end-to-end advertising sales platform that optimizes business performance and enables media companies to grow ad revenue. More than 6,700 media brands rely on Adpoint to manage their multichannel advertising sales process. Representative customers include Metro International, TI Media, News Corp, Hearst Magazines, and others.

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