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Singapore Press Holdings Chooses Lineup Systems to Take its Digital Advertising Sales Management to the Next Level

Asia’s leading media group to integrate Lineup’s Adpoint end-to-end advertising solution with Salesforce CRM and Google DFP to identify, target and close sales opportunities quickly and efficiently.Lineup Systems today announced that Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), the leading media organization in Asia, will implement Adpoint’s end-to-end advertising management solution across the company’s digital sales operations to improve commercial opportunity and introduce advertising best practice.

Thanks to Adpoint’s revolutionary digital ad management technology and out-of-the-box features, over 200 members of the SPH cross-platform ad sales team will be able to sell digital smarter and faster. Utilizing Adpoint’s end-to-end functionality, the Group’s goal is to simplify and streamline the digital sales process – from product and package creation, pricing and inventory management, through to booking and billing – to provide a seamless single workflow.

The ad booking for SPH Digital Media channels will also directly interface with the Google DFP Adserver in real time to enable instant inventory availability checking, product management, reservations and campaign revisions. Adpoint is delivered on a fully-managed Software-as-a-service basis, with several updates released throughout the year, to ensure customers keep ahead of the latest media trends in a rapidly-moving digital landscape. This was a key factor in the Adpoint selection.

“Lineup showed a clear understanding of our needs from the perspective of both our technical and business growth. We sought an easy-to-deploy yet highly-agile solution that would help us take our digital advertising strategy to the next level and we believe Adpoint is the best solution to achieve this.”

Ms Tan Su-Lin – Head, Sales Strategy & Operations of SPH

Neda Bjorner, Lineup’s Digital Product Manager adds: “With Adpoint, Singapore Press Holdings will gain a market edge through a complete, single 360º view of its advertising sales and a seamless end-to-end operational workflow. Adpoint’s bi-directional integration with DFP and Salesforce CRM now enables its sales team to use an integrated media sales solution for the first time and take advantage of push/pull campaign data inventory management, transparent revision processes and revenue reporting. All of this is aimed at delivering the insights needed to develop new opportunities and revenue streams within the constantly-changing media world.

“We expect the results to be a more streamlined process for sales and operations teams; an increased ability to create multi-channel proposals in a very simple way; a better campaign tracking system; improved optimization capability; and full revenue recognition and reporting on digital opportunities”.

Lineup’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Spalding concludes: “We are excited to be working with Singapore Press Holdings and to be instrumental in its digital transformation plans. As an organization, we feel Adpoint is best placed to meet the needs of the Asian media market and are confident that this is the first of a number of customers we will be working within the region.”

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