The Spectator

Established in 1828, and now owned by Press Holdings, The Spectator publishes what is still hailed as “the most influential weekly in the English language” in print and online. The British publisher has expanded extensively in recent years, successfully branching into lifestyle, educational and financial supplements, events and the visual arts, with its highly-regarded Apollo magazine. Similar to many modern multi-channel media companies, its legacy, disparate technology was, however, proving a hindrance rather than a help.

“One day we were using Excel, a booking system and a host of other formats; three months later, we had complete end-to-end optimization of the whole advertising sales, booking, billing and reporting cycle.”

Shez Shafiq
Chief Operating Officer,
The Spectator

When it decided to invest in advertising sales technology, it looked to Lineup Systems for help. It took just three months to get Adpoint’s end-to-end advertising sales solution implemented and live – a transformation that has helped the business significantly reduce sales administration and speed up the entire sales process. What’s more, for the first time, the business has a single, global revenue perspective and real-time actionable intelligence that will better equip it to identify and exploit new sales, customers and market opportunities.

The Pitfalls of Old Technology

“Prior to Adpoint, we had cumbersome manual processes and laborious data entry. This resulted in a lot of the sales teams’ time being spent on administrative tasks instead of selling. It was also very hard for management to track sales and advertising performance,” recalls Chief Operating Officer Shez Shafiq.

The Spectator had been using a simple booking system to record sales and to process orders. No CRM system meant customer records were kept in a multitude of formats across the business such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, hard copies, mobile phone messages and emails. Individual sales staff were unable to accurately keep track of their leads and prospects. Shafiq comments: “It was clear new sales approaches needed new technology. The hunt for CRM capabilities and a better way to capture, process and track sales became a priority for us.”

“It was clear new sales approaches needed new technology. The hunt for CRM capabilities and a better way to capture, process and track sales became a priority for us.”

Shez Shafiq
Chief Operating Officer,
The Spectator

Following an industry recommendation, The Spectator approached Lineup. “It was then that we realised there was an off-the-shelf solution that could help us optimize our entire sales operation and processes overnight. Effectively combining several systems within one single solution, Adpoint proved cost-effective and far more efficient. Lineup’s extensive media experience and quick understanding of our businesses challenges also reassured us we had found the right partner,” says Shafiq.

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