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Layout-8000 is an automated newspaper advertising dummying system that helps your layout staff satisfy advertiser requests while quickly producing error-free, well-engineered and profitable editions.


Layout-8000 provides the middleware between advertising management front-end systems and production and pagination back-end systems. It supports automatic, semi-automatic and manual design of advertising layouts and numerous page styles. It can handle complex position requirements and remembers advertiser position preferences.


Layout-8000’s user interface supports wide screens and dual screens. It has a user-customizable ad list that can be searched, sorted, filtered, color-coded, rearranged and exported to spreadsheets. Click on an ad in the list and drag and drop it onto a page.  Or let Layout-8000 use its knowledge base and artificial intelligence-based dummying algorithms to do the task automatically. 

Layout-8000 comes with SCS’s busy work reduction technology. It helps sites automate the different workflow tasks associated with integrating disparate systems, managing data and sharing designs.

Color-coded thumbnails identify important position information. Multiple zones can be viewed and worked on simultaneously. Designers can even work on multiple editions at the same time.

Layout-8000’s dummies are drawn as PDFs. These are configurable to meet the needs of any individual or department involved in the design and production of the newspaper.

Layout-8000 can run on a single workstation or on large data center servers. It comes with technology that ensures that the application runs 24/7/365. Remote monitoring by SCS is also available.

Company Information

Company Name: Software Consulting Services
Address: 630 Municipal Drive, Suite 420, Nazareth, PA 18064, USA
For more than 30 years, Software Consulting Services, LLC (SCS) has been in the business of providing complete publishing, digital asset management and advertising systems for small, mid-sized and large metro newspapers. Over 500 newspapers use SCS software and services and 39 of them are in the top 100 papers in the US.

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Software Consulting Services, LLC

Publisher contact:
+1 610 746-7700

First Release:
July 2017

Latest Release:
March 2018

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