Whether involved in promoting a conference or selling exhibition space, AdPoint solutions support your sales team’s objectives.

Event-exhibition booking system covering exhibitor, print, and digital bookings.

Powerful lead-generation tools allow for maximum marketing penetration.

Comprehensive Management

In the planning stages, identifying potential prospects and qualifying those leads plays a vital role for sales management involved in strategizing the event and setting KPIs around its performance. AdPoint’s powerful lead-generation tools are used to create prospect lists of companies that are within the target groups. These can be further refined to include/exclude companies who have been involved in previous events, or who have appeared at competitor events.

Budgets and targets can be set against the event itself and for the members of the sales team who have been allocated to it, allowing sales managers instantaneous access to review performance against target.

As proposals are presented, AdPoint’s opportunity and sales pipeline features track the value and proximity to closure — allowing for informed decision-making on exhibition and print space estimates.

As exhibitors confirm their attendance, and sponsorships are agreed, the flexibility of AdPoint’s booking module allows the customer’s requirements to be managed within a single order. In addition to square footage/meterage of stand space, it is common practice to offer add-ons, including, in-paper coverage, event listings, and peripherals such as lighting and A.V. equipment. These elements, combined within a single order, can be invoiced in their entirety or as ‘staged payments’ at predetermined milestones within the event’s project life-cycle.

All orders entered are subject to the scrutiny of AdPoint’s finance workflows. This ensures that customers are credit-checked where necessary and that pre-payments are requested where the customer has insufficient payment terms.

For each event, sales and finance managers can set thresholds around the level of discounting by members of the sales team before the order is routed for authorization. This means that event orders are subject to the same rigor of cascading authority levels as print and online order discounts awarded by the sales team.

Wherever an event is to be staged, the allocation and positioning of stand space can be planned and monitored within Lineup’s AdPoint graphical planning tools. The layout of the exhibition area is a reflection of each booth’s dimensions and shape. Icons allow users to track which customers are booked to ‘premium’ or ‘standard’ areas. Color codings are used to identify the ‘type of business’ involved. In this way, planners can recognize possible conflicts which can be resolved in a timely fashion

Using AdPoint’s analytical tools creates a wealth of reporting data, allowing sales team members to analyze how much stand space has been sold, what elements are still in the pipeline, and how individual members have contributed to the event. Where events are annual or cyclical, it is possible to draw year on year or seasonal comparisons and contrast current performance with previous events.

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AdPoint’s opportunity and sales pipeline features track the value and proximity to closure allowing for informed decision making on exhibition and print space estimates.