AdPoint is a fully functional, multi-user sales support, report, and order-processing tool designed and optimized for advertising sales.

Real-time visibility of available inventory.

Book complex campaigns covering outdoor, online, and print.

Includes hybrid sales models mixing fixed-position and impression-based ads.

Dynamic Reports

Inventory control is critical to the profitability of outdoor advertising, whether it is digital or traditional. AdPoint can handle hundreds of panels and circuit combinations to deliver inventory availability to your sales.

For dynamic outdoor advertising such as Digital Out of Home, we support hybrid sales models of standard fixed-price spots and remnants or zoned ads sold by CPM, so even empty spots can generate revenue. AdPoint can even handle day-part and weekend scheduling to maximize the yield from your panels as they approach 100% utilization.

Our systems have been developed in cooperation with real sales teams and sales managers. Sales staff worldwide utilize the product on a daily basis as a CRM tool. Local and global management teams utilize AdPoint to monitor and measure activity at the account, segment, staff, office, and regional levels. It is a fully functional, multi-user sales support, report and order processing tool designed and optimized for advertising sales.

AdPoint also stores information about customers, manages orders and ads, and prepares data for creating newspapers, magazines, websites, and radio programming. It creates invoices and contains extensive reports. AdPoint also functions as an ad-tracking and ad-production tool. It provides functionality for all advertising-related activities from order entry to creation of invoices, and offers real-time visibility into all sellable inventory.

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