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PlanPag offers efficient, end-to-end production planning and seamless integration of all standard ad, editorial, prepress and press control systems.


This planning solution creates a solid foundation for flexible, secure and cost-effective production. PlanPag defines main and pre-runs, volumes and book structures, places ROP ads and controls workflow. PlanPag reserves desk space, assigns colors, reserves space for classified ads and performs checks; it is the central planning of all Publishing Products.

Benefits of PlanPag:

  • Automatic color checks
  • Real-time monitoring of the entire production process
  • Joint planning of tabloid and broadsheet products
  • Possibility to plan for multiple printing sites

Company Information

Company Name: ppi Media GmbH
Addreess: Hindenburgstraße 149, 22297 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 40 2274 3360

ppi Media is a German software company headquartered in Hamburg and Kiel with another branch office in Chicago. We have been a leading producer of solutions for automated newspaper production, which are being used around the world, for more than 30 years. These solutions help make production more efficient, secure and resource-friendly, and are well suited to large media corporations as well as magazine and corporate publishers. In addition to that, we support the digital transformation of publishers and media companies with innovative new product features, whilst also regularly developing new revenue models for the media industry.

App Name:

ppi Media GmbH

Publisher contact:
+49 40 2274 3360

First Release:
December 2016

Latest Release:
January 2017

App Version:

Minimum Adpoint version:




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