See AdPoint’s Latest Features at the World Publishing Expo 2014

Lineup Systems announces latest innovations of its advertising sales system AdPoint at the World Publishing Expo, Amsterdam


AdPoint’s integral business development tools have been improved to exceed media industry best practice. Features include updated social networking abilities that improve collaboration between teams; hyper localized sales targeting using iPad and GPS to identify local retail sales opportunities; better market segmentation analysis to provide insight into poor performing segments to generate highly targeted customer hit lists; and pinpoint sales activity tracking on budgets, targets, commissions, tasks, meetings, proposals, opportunities, leads and conversion rates, across multiple channels. To maintain AdPoint’s position as an unrivaled CRM solution, Lineup Systems has developed a depth of integration with Salesforce that far surpasses the number of integration points achieved by other vendors.


With AdPoint’s market-leading digital capabilities, media companies can book complex, cross-platform campaigns in a single order, quickly and easily. AdPoint goes beyond print, digital and mobile advertising to incorporate broadcast, inserts, events and self-service advertising opportunities. Its digital features – fully accessible on any device whether laptop or mobile, iPad or desktop – have been developed significantly over the past year to deliver a scalable and flexible architecture that supports the ambitious advertising business strategy of major clients such as News Corp Australia.

Its improved features include multiple rate card management, network targeting, buy-out/inventory management and increased transparency – providing improved organizational effectiveness and customer interaction with digital sales teams.


AdPoint’s open architecture and 100% web-based design provide unrivaled flexibility and ease of integration with any third party sales, production, document management or accounting system, such as Google DFP, Salesforce, Outlook or DispoCloud, enabling media companies to create high performance, optimally customized, end-to-end advertising systems. Its fluent ad server integration provides real-time data that enables sales reps to check inventory instantly while on-site with a client. Co-operation and transparency between sales, IT, finance and management is increased through automation, minimizing errors and duplication and delivering insights that empower profitable decision-making in fast-paced media companies such as Telegraaf mediagroep.


AdPoint provides intelligent digital pro-rata billing in one integrated system, giving greater control over invoicing. Potential issues are identified prior to the invoicing process, which are automatically fixed or preemptively raised and tracked as issues. This provides a better service to customers by reducing the numbers of invoice queries, and gives media companies such as News UK better visibility and automation of query resolution, and makes it possible to adjust the billing to reflect the number of sales days left within the calendar/financial month. AdPoint is also the first media billing process to support the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro.


A new inserts booking module has been implemented that provides an unprecedented preview and forward management of inserts inventory. This has been in response to complex client requirements for the management of inserts inventory and granular geo-targeting. The new inserts ‘lookahead’ view allows salespeople to determine what inventory is available to sell across the insert regions for any future issue date and gives print sites direct access to dynamic data regarding hopper configurations. Invoicing of inserts can be held until the delivery data has been entered and confirmed by the print site and can be automated if ‘delivery’ quantities are within a specified threshold of the ‘booked’ quantities.


For large regional publishers Lineup Systems have extended the package booking capability for print. This allows for a regional package to contain line items that differ in size and have different deadline structures. In this way AdPoint will automatically build the ‘next available’ package combination based on proximity to deadline. If a deadline has passed, the next available publication date will be selected in its place.


A newly designed AdPoint self-service portal recently went live at News UK, quickly surpassing all commercial expectations. As well as re-designing the site and its navigation, support for different private and trade workflows were added, with trade customers being able to request invoices (as opposed to pre-payments). Self-serving customers can create the advert content via the text editing tools, or reserve a ‘shape’ to which a .PDF will be attached at a later stage. A CMS was also added to enable advertising managers to promote daily deals and promotions to their user community directly within the self-service portal.


Lineup Systems Ltd. ( delivers high-performance advertising-sales solutions designed specifically for multi-channel media companies. Its collaborative media tools — which can be hosted, cloud-hosted, or installed locally — help to streamline advertising operations, improve transparency, and increase profits.

Lineup Systems’ count some of the world’s largest international publishers as clients, including Metro International, News Corp Australia, News UK, Telegraaf mediagroep, Time Inc., Time Out, Abu Dhabi Media, Archant, Expressen, Grupo Expansión, and Voice Media Group.

Lineup Systems’ AdPoint products are installed in 33 countries in 21 languages, and support more than 6000 users across the world’s leading publishers. More than 1400 titles, sites, and stations rely on Lineup Systems for their sales, advertising, planning, editorial, prepress, and content-management needs.


Lineup Systems is the world’s leading provider of advertising sales technology.





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