Top 5 Ways to Ensure Your Team Gets the Most Out of Every Ad Order

Major media companies are constantly on the lookout for new and deeper margins from their ad sales departments. But often times, the workload and speed required to keep up with the day-to-day sales objectives just doesn’t lend itself to staying innovative with supplementary sales revenues that might be left on the table. We see it everyday.

Ad sales teams are stretched to capacity and sometimes just can’t spend the extra time needed to review each order to see where additional opportunities might exist. Once this slippery slope of behavior starts, your dynamic sales team is at risk of turning into a drive-by window of order takers…never pushing for the fully integrated sale. Here’s a few top tips for keeping your team on their toes and helping to ensure every order placed reaches it’s optimum revenue potential:

  1. Use technology to your advantage – Implementing the AdPoint sales CRM solution with visibility into all possible ad channels will empower your team to see cross-channel ad opportunities that can increase the client’s campaign reach…and your bottom line.
  2. Ensure team collaboration – Many times money is left on the table because departments are not working together for a unified goal. Be sure you have a CRM solution that allows visibility and communication across your organization and not just within the sales team.
  3. Keep an eye on the calendar – When your customers are placing their ad orders, they are often not thinking about what seasonal opportunities might exist across your different ad channels. Keeping abreast of what is on the horizon, might make the difference in a customer to extending their ad for a few more weeks due to an upcoming event. A leading ad booking tool, like AdPoint, will give your sales team these notifications automatically.
  4. Keep your ad rates straight – Nothing prevents repeat business like having to call your customer back and tell them the ad they just booked is going to be more than they thought. Be sure your ad sales solution has the capability to track real-time rate changes so your team is never caught off guard.
  5. Transparent metrics tracking – Does your CRM give you up to the minute sales dashboards so the management team is always aware of how the sales team is tracking for the month, week, or year? If not, consider adding stronger reporting capabilities to be sure your team stays on track.

A high-performance advertising-sales solution like Lineup System’s AdPoint can mean the difference between hitting and exceeding your ad revenue goals and missing out on prime opportunities. Our collaborative media tools – which can be hosted, cloud-hosted, or installed locally — help to streamline advertising operations, improve transparency, and increase profits.

Lineup Systems’ count some of the world’s largest international publishers as clients, including Gannett, Metro International, News Corp Australia, News UK, Time Inc., Time Out, Abu Dhabi Media, and Grupo Expansión. Why not schedule a demo today and see for yourself if AdPoint is right for your business.



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