Download Now: ‘7 Sneaky Ways Your Advertising Technology is Costing You Sales’

7 Sneaky Ways Your Advertising Technology is Costing You Sales

Sales technology, such as CRM and order management systems, have saved sales teams countless hours of painstaking admin time, but the truth is, not all sales tech is created equal. Even some of the biggest and most successful media brands in the world are relying on outdated technology, resulting in time (and money) lost over time.

The good news is, just a few changes can result in big gains.

Co-author and sales technology expert Shawn DeWeese said, “As sales professionals, we all have the same priorities: increasing revenue and improving efficiency. But many of us miss opportunities to do that because the systems we're using are hindering instead of helping us. Identifying the ways outdated sales technology hurts the bottom line is the first step toward solving those problems and increasing performance."

Inside this exclusive eBook are seven ways your sales technology could be costing you time – and sales – and the simple solutions that can stop the bleed and get your team back to selling.



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