Adpoint Announces 360 Analytics, a New Market-Leading Business Intelligence Solution

Adpoint Announces 360 Analytics

After extensive research, development and investment, Adpoint by Lineup Systems is proud to announce the arrival of 360 Analytics, the most powerful reporting tool known to media.

Adpoint customers have been enjoying advanced reporting functionality for years. But now, our new analytics suite has been supercharged with an array of incredible features, making it the most intelligent, comprehensive and intuitive media intelligence portal in today’s global market.

Powered by Adpoint, 360 Analytics connects all sales, customers and order management data across multiple sales channels within a single tool. It’s the only out-of-the-box tool of its kind that gives management teams the ability to see the bigger picture across the entire sales process and make informed decisions based on solid, real-time media intelligence.

System Benefits

360 Analytics is designed to improve business operations in four distinctive ways. The tool will help decision-makers:

  • Identify new sales opportunities in real-time
  • Drive operational efficiency within every tier of the business
  • Improve the company’s financial performance based on hard stats, not hunches
  • Turbocharge their business’ intelligence capabilities and use the power of data to give their organisation an edge

Included within the platform is a plethora of features that makes 360 Analytics an advanced reporting suite to get excited about. The system’s intuitive interface, which is supported by straightforward drag and drop functionality, makes light work of report generation. In fact, the beauty of the product’s design lies in its ability to streamline even the most robust data sets to help users access and distribute data quickly and effectively.

360 Analytics can even pull and process data from third party sources if their roots lie in SQL. There’s plenty of development flexibility, too; customers can create their own bespoke reports in-house using the platform, leveraging automated testing capabilities to ensure it generates the right data results.

To learn more about the wide range of intelligence capabilities offered by 360 Analytics, contact us today or download our brochure here.



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