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    Mark McCartney

    Mark is Lineup's Director of Quality and Best Practice, driving customer satisfaction and product adoption. His goal is to ensure our customers have all the necessary resources to drive efficiency.

    Bauer adopts Adpoint across commercial print, digital, & events bookings

    BROOMFIELD, CO: The Germany-based media group has entered a three-year contract with Lineup to supply 300 of its users across its UK Publishing division with a single point of entry across its print, digital and events operations.  Bauer will soon be using Adpoint to manage all booking phases, from...

    02 December 2021
    Why We Love Working in the Media Industry

    It is no secret that Lineup has a passion for the media industry and empowering our customers' success: it’s how we were founded in 2009 and how we move forward with product innovation, with our media companies and partners at the center. To ensure we’re engaging with them and getting all their...

    23 November 2021
    How Lineup Has Faced Cybersecurity Challenges - and How You Can, Too

    The last 18 months has seen every company in the world having to make big changes to their ways of working in order to adapt to lockdowns, travel restrictions, and increased Zoom meetings that have come from a global pandemic - Lineup included. Most office-based roles had to shift very quickly to...

    16 November 2021
    Outgrown Your Homegrown Solution?

    While the media industry has experienced rapid digital transformation over the past few years, many companies are still relying on homegrown technology solutions for business-critical tasks. These systems offer a level of comfort due to their familiarity, but it’s often a false sense of security....

    09 November 2021
    Guide to Buying Enterprise Technology: Who Drives Your Company Goals?

    Buying enterprise technology for your media organization can be a complex task, but if one of your solutions is on its last legs, it’s critical that you act before the system becomes a drain on your productivity—or worse, a risk to your company’s security. The media industry, like virtually all...

    02 November 2021
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    4 Reasons to Conduct Best Practice Reviews of Your Tech

    When you invest in a product—for example, a technology solution or even a car—you want to leverage its full potential. This often means you need to take a look under the hood (pun intended) to get a

    21 September 2021