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    Free Digital Advertising Glossary to Print, Search & Save

    Sarah Hartland | Industry Analysis | 21st August 2019
    Free Digital Advertising Glossary to Print, Search & Save

    As digital advertising continues to rapidly evolve, so does the vocabulary. Even the most interested among us can have a hard time keeping up. Whether you’re new to the world of digital advertising and programmatic or a seasoned pro, this glossary is designed as a go-to resource you can return to in moments of confusion (or curiosity!). 

    Inside this eBook, we cover the terms you need to “talk the talk” of multi-channel digital advertising – but we hope that this also empowers you to truly understand just what your digital team is up to every day. In view of this goal, we’ve included free resources throughout this eBook that you can download any time to learn more. 

    Skimming this free downloadable resource is sure to give you a terminology overview, but we’ve also made it easy to search the glossary for a specific term. Simply open the PDF and hit ‘Ctrl - F’ on your keyboard – then type in the term you’re looking for.  

    If you’d like to print out the guide as a resource for yourself or your team, feel free. There’s an index in the back so you can find what you’re looking for the old-fashioned way!  

    A-to-Z Glossary of Digital Advertising Terms