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Google Ad Manager UI Changes: How They Affect Adpoint

Tiffany Kelly | Industry Analysis | 25th September 2019
Google Ad Manager UI Changes: How They Affect Adpoint

Nearly four months ago, Google announced a plan to relaunch their core booking and creative workflow in Google Ad Manager (GAM), as part of their promise to “focus on the things that matter” during their rebrand. Along with the rest of their users and partners, the Lineup team received an email from GAM in June, describing the updates as usability improvements for a simpler and faster experience.

Lineup’s team of digital subject matter experts continuously monitor changes to GAM and other digital platforms, especially those potentially impacting Adpoint integrations. Since Google’s announcement, our digital team has worked closely with GAM API support and our customers to remain proactive rather than reactive. We wanted to ensure all customers, regardless of size or location, were well-informed with consistent and accurate information, should they have any questions during the transition.

Adpoint Integration Remains Unchanged

Google verified their planned GAM updates would not result in lost API functionality or negatively impact the Adpoint booking process. Originally planned for early August, the updates have finally been released to all GAM 360 publishers this week. After testing with customers, our digital team has further confirmed there will be no changes to the Adpoint integration or booking experience. GAM UI changes recently introduced include:

    • Slide-in-panels and tables to enhance the user experience
    • A new targeting picker and new filter options
    • An improved booking experience, prompting users to first select an ‘ad type’ of display or video, determining further options for field and creative selection downstream
    • Ability to save orders without a line item
    • New key-value grouping options
    • Redefined inventory types & more

Details on all changes and enhancements can be found in GAM help documentation or by reaching out to a Lineup digital subject matter expert.

Seeking Out Improved Efficiency

Partnering with leading media companies, we’ve helped our customers solve problems of all sizes. If we’re not investigating the potential impact of upcoming ad server updates, our teams are busy seeking out new opportunities to improve the customer journey.

As an example, prior to Adpoint, some of our customers with offices in the UK and NY faced unique challenges working out of only one ad server account. The UK teams were required to schedule their GMT ads hours before actual launch time, to account for their ad server EST network time zone in which the ads delivered. This caused frequent issues, especially for time-sensitive campaigns such as 1-day home page takeovers.

Introducing Adpoint’s Relative Time Zone Feature

As part of our continued promise to provide media sales solutions, customers can now push ads from any time zone in Adpoint and let the integration handle the math, mapping to their ad server’s network time zone automatically. Effortless mapping and accurate representation of time zones takes the worry out of campaign launch and ultimately saves time during the booking process.

The Lineup team recognizes the value of seeking out new opportunities to improve the overall customer experience within Adpoint and we’re shifting more of our focus to enhanced user journeys in 2020. As always, stay tuned for frequent updates on Adpoint’s latest features and industry news on our blog and customer success portal.

Questions? Send us a note and we're happy to help.

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