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How Quickly Can Media Companies Adapt to Industry Change?

Lineup Systems | Industry Analysis | 3rd October 2014


Not change for the sake of change but meaningful, industry-matching evolution. Lineup Systems works with hundreds of media executives from publishers, broadcasters and digital content distributors around the world and we recognize the problems and fixes that drive growth and profitability.

It’s a tough market for advertising sales which means that publishers need to be agile and to exercise sound management and detailed insight into sales cycles, customers and margins. Whether print, digital, broadcast or hybrid — you need to be in a position to serve your advertising clients exactly as they desire. Their push for innovation is driven by demand from their consumers — and that demand is fast, furious and ever-developing. If your business can’t cope with booking ad campaigns across various platforms without giving your sales staff a headache, or if you can’t calculate the most profitable way of managing your clients then you are not innovating enough — to the detriment of your bottom line.

We recognize four key areas where media businesses need to perform:

  • Media booking that embraces 21st-century multi-channel media formats
  • In-depth understanding and management of advertising customer relationships
  • Robust credit control, invoicing and financial management with sales transparency
  • Insight and analysis of the overall business for long-term growth and decision-making

Our goal is not to sell IT systems. Our goal is to empower our clients to achieve their business strategies and sales goals. This requires astute expertise, a collaborative approach and some powerfully innovative tools. Our analysis of some of the world’s leading media company business models led us to design a cutting edge ad booking system. It doesn’t just handle complex ad booking with ease, it’s complemented by a highly customizable, fully web-based CRM tool that manages prospects and customers to maximize ad sales and nurture profitable relationships. It tells you when to act so you can generate leads and avoid sales dips. Furthermore, it offers a finance module that handles direct data entry or integrates with your existing accounting system to manage every aspect of financial control of your sales. Finally, our solution provides powerful analytics that give total transparency of the business in a comprehensive dashboard, enabling you to make timely and prudent decisions.

Our system is Adpoint — the most innovative and the only 100% web-based advertising sales solution available on the market today. It combines deep industry expertise with powerful and intuitive features that outshine our competitors. If you think that’s marketing froth, watch a short demo of our system and compare it to your existing system. We guarantee you’ll take note. Globally Lineup Systems won more business than any other vendor last year and we work with some of the biggest names in media including Time Inc., News Corp UK, News Corp Australia, Time Out Group and Metro. Our products are totally flexible and can be SaaS-based or locally hosted and implemented as a complete suite or as individual modules. It’s custom-designed for media companies and we do our best to exceed their expectations by continually innovating and enriching our service.

Innovation is our lifeblood. If you want to tap into our ideas, give us a call or click now to book a demo.