Breaking Down the Silos: How TI Media Transformed Their Business with Adpoint

How TI Media Transformed Their Business with Adpoint

What happens when a dominant media organization moves from four separate systems to a single solution? TI Media knew that simplifying their tech stack would save them thousands in IT costs, but the ripple effect of moving their advertising operations onto Adpoint has been even more impactful than they imagined.

TI Media (formerly Time Inc. UK), is one of the largest branded media companies in the world, with an extensive portfolio of 40-plus iconic brands that span across multiple platforms – including print, digital, and events. Over the years, TI Media has grown substantially, acquiring new publications and media brands – resulting in what Mark McCartney, the company’s Commercial Operations Director, called “a very siloed business.”

Running multiple systems at once resulted in costly and annoying redundancies, with many of TI Media’s advertisers appearing more than once across multiple systems. This meant the team had to manually map data together from multiple sources for a single report, and regularly sent out multiple invoices to the same client.

Today, TI Media has a “single version of the truth for each customer” thanks to Adpoint – and that’s just one benefit.

Read more about how TI Media’s partnership Lineup transformed their business in the case study below:




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