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    How CRM Technology Can Impact Your Sales Revenue Goals

    Lineup Systems | Industry Analysis | 17th December 2018

    Most CRM solutions help you plan campaigns, manage your leads and log orders, however, the best CRM solutions help you do so much more. From spotting trends to discovering new opportunities, Adpoint CRM is designed to boost sales on multiple levels, while optimizing processesimproving sales team performance and serving up sales intelligence that directly impacts ROI. All delivered out of the box and with the needs and wants of media businesses in mind.

    Drawing on the latest methodologies and best practice across Lineup’s extensive customer base of over 4,800 media brands and entities, this Adpoint Insight Guide explores how end-to-end CRM technology is helping achieve faster, more effective media selling across the industry.

    ‘Adpoint CRM: Maximising sales revenue and team performance’ identifies eight key business benefits, including how to:

    • Unlock revenue potential
    • Speed up the sales cycle
    • Stay agile in an evolving market
    • Improve sales intelligence

    Are you confident you have the latest tools and industry methodologies in play? Read our complete guide to find out.