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    Lineup Announces Subscription Management Platform, ‘Amplio’ Coming Soon

    Lineup Systems | Industry Analysis | 20th August 2020
    Lineup Announces Subscription Management Platform, ‘Amplio’ Coming Soon



    BROOMFIELD, CO - Lineup Systems today announced that development of a ground-breaking subscriptions platform, “Amplio,” is well underway. The platform, slated for release in late 2020, promises to solve common recurring revenue challenges and support overall business agility 


    Amplio’s launch comes at a time when the publishing industry is hyper-focused on solving identity issues and leveraging customer data to grow revenue as combined revenue models become the norm.  


    “Most publishers are unable to track the total value a single reader brings to their business,” said Lineup CEO, Michael Mendoza. As a result, all readers are treated the same, despite the fact that we know personalized offers dramatically increase revenue and reduce churn. If a publisher doesn’t have the tools needed to confirm user identities and use that information to boost recurring revenue, they are going to struggle in today’s media market.” 

    Longstanding relationships with top global publishers using Adpoint, Lineup’s multi-channel advertising management system, are playing a key role in the development of Amplio. 


    Organizations that have already reduced total cost of ownership on the advertising side with an end-to-end system like Adpoint are keen to do the same on the subscriptions side,” said Director of Product and Marketing, Dawn Briddon. “We’ve intentionally involved those same organizations from the beginning of this process to ensure we’re relieving the most important pain points and delivering unquestionable value from day one.” 


    Among these pain points are issues with revenue recognition and reporting, overly complex order-to-collection processes, inflexible product catalogues and disparate data systems. Amplio will solve these issues and offer exciting, first-of-its-kind features like a Total Customer View marketers are sure to appreciate. 

    Amplio’s official launch date will be announced later this year, but “first look” demonstrations are already underway. To learn more or sign up for updates, visit lineup.com/amplio 


    About Lineup Systems   

    Lineup Systems is the world’s leading provider of media sales technology. Lineup’s flagship product, Adpoint, is the preferred advertising system for media groups such as Gannett, News Corp, The New York Times, TI Media, Hearst, Torstar and more. Lineup also offers expert configuration and development services, empowering media brands to focus on what’s most important to their bottom lines.  


    For More Information, Please Contact:  

    Dawn Briddon, Director of Product & Marketing