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    Webinar: "Can You 'Talk-the-Talk' of Digital Advertising?"

    Sarah Hartland | Industry Analysis | 24th October 2019

    In partnership with America's Newspapers, Newsroom authors Tiffany Kelly and Sarah Hartland will host a special webinar designed for anyone getting started with (or catching up to!) digital advertising. Read more below.

    If you only vaguely know what CPC, PPC, DSP or CPL are — this webinar is for you. But even if you know that, for instance, DSP stands for Demand-Side Platform, you’ll still learn a lot from this webinar. Because as the world of digital advertising continues to rapidly evolve, so does the vocabulary.

    Now, it can be tempting to leave the job of 'keeping up' to your digital team — but that would be a mistake! In this webinar, experts from Lineup Systems will discuss why, even if you’re in print, understanding digital advertising is critical for success. They’ll explain 20 of the most important digital advertising terms to get you started.


    Watch "Can You Talk the Talk of Digital Advertising?" below: