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    Lineup Launches Self Service Payment Portal at Canada’s Leading Media Group

    Lineup Systems | Industry Analysis | 11th December 2019
    Lineup Launches Self Service Payment Portal at Canada’s Leading Media Group

    BROOMFIELD, Colorado. - Lineup Systems today announced that its new customer payment portal, Pay4media, has gone live at Metroland Media Group, a subsidiary of Torstar Corporation. This new product will automate invoicing and payments, providing a self-serve payment portal for Metroland advertisers.

    “We are encouraged by the high rate of adoption by Metroland’s customers. The efficiencies gained from this portal will be beneficial for the business while making it easier for customers to transact business with the Torstar group,” said Michael Mendoza, CEO of Lineup Systems.

    Pay4media will also include e-tearsheet functionality, adding even more efficiency while providing customers with a single portal for making one time and recurring payments, viewing proofs that their ads were run both in print and digital, and managing disputes and resolutions. Torstar chose the system for Metroland Media Group and Canada’s largest daily print newspaper, the Toronto Star. The decision was made to improve their customer experience while having one vendor across order management, e-tearsheet and payment portal systems to reduce technical integration complexity and increase operational efficiency.

    “We’re always looking for ways to improve efficiency for media companies,” says Lineup Systems CEO Michael Mendoza. “Pay4Media now provides complete automation in the payment and e-tearsheet process. We’re thrilled with the rapid adoption by Metroland customers and the benefits this is already bringing to both Metroland and their customers.”

    Pay4Media is a Lineup’s new self-service payment portal that can integrates with Adpoint and other order management and finance systems. The customer portal allows advertisers to make one-time and recurring payments, create tasks and approvals, and create cases with the publishers. Pay4Media completely automates of collection processes for media companies.

    The automation capabilities within Pay4Media eliminates the administration related to cash collections. Seamless synchronization with your order management system ensures the self-service portal is always up to date showing customer balances and tracking the history of invoices, prepayment requests and payments.

    Learn more or schedule a demo at lineup.com/pay4media

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    Lineup Systems is the leading provider of advertising sales technology worldwide. Our cloud-based solution, Adpoint, is an end-to-end advertising sales platform that optimizes business performance and enables media companies to grow ad revenue. More than 6,700 media brands rely on Adpoint to manage their multi-channel advertising sales process. Customers include Gannett, Toronto Star, Hearst Magazines and News Corp, among others. For more information visit www.lineup.com.