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    Lineup Launches Program to Support Customers During Covid19

    Lineup Systems | Industry Analysis | 2nd April 2020
    Lineup Launches Program to Support Customers During Covid19

    BROOMFIELD, CO - Lineup Systems today announced new programs to support their customers while social distancing guidelines remain in place around the world. These include bi-weekly webinars, free training and published resources scheduled to launch in the coming weeks. 

    The new webinar program is at the heart of this communications plan, said Global Director of Product & Marketing, Dawn Briddon: “We recognize that many of our customers are using this time to focus on short-term revenue boosts, but also long-term strategies that will help them succeed once the world returns to normal. We’ve already committed to support all of our customers on their day-to-day operations, but we wanted to provide resources that will also support those long-term goals.” 

    Bi-weekly webinars, under the brand “Lineup Live,” will focus on two key areas: 

    1. Best practice Adpoint webinars called “Adpoint Uncovered,” will focus on time-saving tips and ways to improve performance overall.  
    2. Cross-training webinars call “Adpoint Refreshers,” can be used to get employees up to speed who may be covering different roles during this time.  

    In addition to this robust webinar program, Lineup will today launch a new customer newsletter full of exclusive content, including training videos typically available only with an Adpoint Academy license, news, and light-hearted articles shared just for fun. 

    Meanwhile, Lineup’s public-facing blog, the Newsroomwill publish related product and industry posts once a week to help readers stay up to date on how the Covid19 crisis is affecting the media industry overall.  

    “We are focused on providing as much value as possible to our customers during this time,” said Sarah Hartland, Lineup’s Global Inbound Marketing Manager. “Our customers are hard at work providing critical information to their communities, and we want to support them in that mission as much as possible.” 

    Lineup customers will be automatically enrolled in this new customer newsletter and will receive webinar registration details in their inboxes soon. If you are not a current customer but would like access to these resources, contact Lineup here for registration instructions.