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Lineup Systems Joins Digital Content Next as Supporting Member

Sarah Hartland | Industry Analysis | 22nd August 2019
Lineup Systems Joins Digital Content Next as Supporting Member

Lineup Systems announced today that they’ve signed on as a supporting member of Digital Content Next (DCN), a trade organization dedicated to “serving the unique and diverse needs of high-quality digital content companies that manage trusted, direct relationships with consumers and marketers.” 

Sarah Hartland, marketing manager at Lineup, said the partnership “made sense, given the way DCN’s mission and audience align with Lineup’s.”  

DCN’s ‘About’ page discusses several of the association’s core functions, including: “We promote digital innovation and support the creation of opportunities for high-quality digital media companies today and in the future.” Their vision aligns well with Lineup’s, which is “to empower a new age of sales opportunities for multimedia organizations globally through ground-breaking commercial technology.” 

Hartland explained that “DCN members are committed to quality content, which we believe is the cornerstone to any good growth strategy. Ultimately, quality content along with solid sales strategies is how media organizations will succeed in today’s environment. DCN’s research and resources are extremely valuable to our target audience, and we want to contribute to that and learn from it.”  

Lineup Systems and DCN’s audiences can expect to see thought leadership resources from both organizations in the coming months. 

To learn more about Digital Content Next, visit their website. For questions regarding this article or association partnerships, reach Sarah Hartland, Marketing Manager for North America, here.