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    Lineup Systems Launches New User Interface for Adpoint, ‘Blaze’

    Lineup Systems | Industry Analysis | 8th February 2018

    Blaze is “easier, quicker and smarter,” breaking new ground in user interface design for media sales solutions

    It’s a UI unlike any other of its kind. Lineup Systems has proudly released Blaze, its new interface to Adpoint, the world’s #1 media sales solution. Introducing significant enhancements over the previous Classic version, Blaze enriches the user experience for all participants across the enterprise, from sales and operations, to finance and IT. Usage of Adpoint is now more intuitive, more personalized, more seamless and faster than ever.

    Blaze boasts a number of improvements in form and function, including:

    • Responsive design for optimal screen layout on tablets and other devices.
    • Side navigation and collapsible toolbars to save screen real estate.
    • Increased personalization with custom widgets and color palettes.
    • More intuitive user journeys, with flyover menus, function dashboards and improved form design and configuration.
    • Faster operation thanks to optimized browser-to-server communication.
    • A significant upgrade of the AjaxControlToolKit.
    • Improved design, for a cleaner, more attractive look and feel.

    Eighteen months in the making and taking up over 700 hours of coding time alone to date, Blaze has been a major focus for Lineup. Neda Bjorner, Product Manager at Lineup, commented: “Our goal was to help our customers work smarter. Their input, coupled with our tech expertise, has resulted in a new breed of UI that completely transforms the user experience, making it easier, quicker, smarter and unlike anything else that exists on the market today. I feel inordinately proud of what we have achieved.”

    Lineup employed a highly consultative approach to development, working closely with a dedicated Customer Steering Committee throughout the project, including Tom LeKang, CTO for Amedia AS.

    “The new Blaze interface significantly modernizes the Adpoint application. Its intuitive user interface and navigation helps streamline even the most demanding and complex business processes, making it a better experience for users. This simplification of usage, in turn, means more time for sales and customer care. I’ve been particularly impressed as well with how thorough Lineup has been in adapting the product based on the input of its customers and users," commented LeKang.

    Blaze is now available to all Adpoint customers and is currently running in beta version to enable users to toggle easily between the old and new UIs to familiarize themselves with the new experience.