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    The Surprising Demographic Monetized by Gaming Apps

    Gone are the days when video games were only popular among children who would eagerly clamber around the television set after school to play in their favorite make-believe worlds. The industry has evolved significantly since the late 1970s and early 1980s when Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Donkey...

    12 January 2021
    Nope, the Fake News Era Isn't Over Yet

    From the time he first announced his candidacy to a rocky transfer of power in early 2021, Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency remained a complex relationship for the majority of media organizations. For most, he ensured a constant stream of content ranging from egregious to entertaining, but as...

    07 January 2021
    2021 Digital Advertising Trends Your Whole Team Should Talk About

    Global events this year threw a serious curve ball at organizations of all sizes in nearly every industry, including media. Publishers and advertisers reacted quickly to adapt to the public health crisis and the economic fallout that ensued. As we look forward to 2021, it’s likely that several new...

    05 January 2021
    A Quick Guide to Securing Your Remote Workforce Through 2021

    Even with promising vaccine news making headlines, it's likely that many businesses will be working remotely for some (or all) of 2021. And if there's one thing 2020 has taught us all, it's that there is no such thing as over preparing. While employees adjust to long-term working from home and the...

    03 December 2020
    Audience-Based Selling is Powered By a Robust Subscription Offering

    Throughout the history of advertising, advertisers have traditionally sold ads by utilizing space to place inventory or services in front of buyers. In print advertising, for instance, advertisers sold space on a page that would reach a certain number of regular readers, but as print publishers...

    01 December 2020
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    Political Ad Spend: Will 2020 Change Future Elections?

    As the day of the highly anticipated and hotly contested U.S. presidential election arrives, both major parties agree that the national and global impact of its outcome will last for generations. For

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    What to Do When Your Legacy System Is Sunsetting [5 Tips]

        If you have a system that’s on its last legs, it’s crucial to consider upgrading your tech for security purposes, as well as to improve efficiency within your organization. Here, we’ll cover 5

    29 October 2020
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    Subscriptions Can Protect Media Credibility in Fake News Era [Opinion]

    Fake news. Misinformation.  News avoidance. Alternative facts. Cyber propaganda. 

    27 October 2020
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    Webinar: Which COVID19 Changes Are Here to Stay?

    As the calendar inches towards many international holidays and colder weather in the global north, communities worldwide are seeing spikes in COVID19 cases. In many ways, the social, political, and

    22 October 2020
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    Are Publishing Executives Over-Confident on Interdepartmental Collaboration?

      Publishers must be prepared to overcome several roadblocks on the path to establishing revenue models that combine both advertising and subscription sales. One common challenge involves

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    Disparate Data Presents Major Challenge for Publishers

      Growing numbers of publishers are turning more attention to revenue diversification in the wake of COVID-19, which dealt a blow to ad sales earlier this year. We examine this trend in our

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    Subscriptions Prove Resilient Against Covid19 Impacts

    Over the weekend, the World Health Organization reported a record single-day increase in global cases of COVID-19, just days after President Trump and over 35 White House aides, visitors, and

    13 October 2020
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    Adweek Report Confirms: Combined Revenue Models Key to Success

    Media organizations around the globe are focused on adapting their revenue models to be less dependent on advertising and more resilient over all.  Publishing Executive, a subsidiary of Adweek,

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    Leading Benelux Publishers Collaborate for Improved Performance, Cost Sharing

    BENELUX, Amsterdam – Leading publishers DPG Media, Mediahuis Nederland B.V. and NDC Mediagroep have officially formed a collaborative ‘Publishers Forum’ as of September. These publishers have

    06 October 2020
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    Reducing Subscription Churn Can Help Grow Ad Revenue

    This article was first published in our partner publication, InContext. The deluge of advertisement and subscription offerings can lead to rampant reader fatigue. In this digital age, subscription

    01 October 2020