Integrate, Configure, or Build? The Pros and Cons of Each Approach

Sales media companies need a system that’s going to serve their diverse requirements–from managing customer orders to billing and collection to delivery. Ideally, all aspects of order management, CRM, finance, and data tracking should be joined into one cohesive system. There are three approaches for achieving this: Integrating media sales tools with your existing software...

21 November 2019
Yield Management Tips for Digital Publishers, Part Two

If you’re a digital publisher, you know that revenue management and maximizing yield involves more than analyzing eCPM trends. In part one of this two-part series, we discussed simple tips that could be used by all media companies as the foundation for yield optimization strategy.  Understanding your audience is a must, and an easy way...

19 November 2019
3 Yield Optimization Tips for Publishers (Part One)

Yield management can be described as analyzing data and performing certain optimization techniques to maximize performance and revenue. One of the simplest forms of inventory optimization for digital publishers is accurately pricing inventory. While the concept may sound pretty straight forward, a yield manager’s job is highly technical - and far from easy. To manage...

12 November 2019
Lineup Systems Launches Ground-Breaking Payment Portal: ‘Pay4media’

  Pay4Media’s innovative platform lets you take charge of credit control by automating the payment process and improving efficiency. This, in turn, improves working capital and frees up precious admin time. After listening to our customers’ pain points, the Lineup team has developed a flexible solution to streamline cash collection. This will free up finance teams to focus on large, difficult accounts while saving the...

13 November 2019
Yes, You Can Book Events With Adpoint! (Here’s How)

  While we love writing about multi-channel ad sales, the truth is that in some scenarios, all you really need is a single-channel solution. Because Adpoint is designed to be flexible for your business, managing orders for a specific channel, such as events, is incredibly easy and versatile. Best of all, you can still enjoy...

7 November 2019
If You Still Think Programmatic is Sold at a Lower Rate, Think Again

Due to the ever-changing digital landscape, and thanks to laws like GDPR and CCPA, there’s a growing interest in programmatic guaranteed over RTB-driven programmatic buys. Yet, despite the growing interest, a large part of the industry still believes outdated misconceptions around the topic in general.  Programmatic guaranteed is programmatic advertising in its simplest form. It...

5 November 2019
Bonus Glossary of Programmatic Advertising Terminology

Earlier this fall, we released the "A-Z Glossary of Digital Advertising Terms," and we were blown away by the response! Many of you downloaded the guide and sent us notes asking for more. Turns out, we can all benefit from a refresher from time to time, especially in an industry that is constantly evolving. In...

31 October 2019
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268 Min Read
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Overcoming Third-Party Data Dependence: Experts Weigh In

In the midst of ongoing speculation and conflicting views, we’ve shared a considerable amount of information regarding data regulation. It’s a puzzle the digital advertising industry

22 October 2019
554 17 Min Read
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An In-Depth Guide to Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

Have you ever wondered how marketers find the right places to advertise given that there are billions of websites live on the web? Here’s a

17 October 2019
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4 Simple Tips for Surviving a Cookie-Less Future

As new technologies and innovations are introduced frequently each year, the digital advertising industry has become accustomed to unexpected change. Of course, the frequent change will

15 October 2019
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Sales Teams MUST Understand How They Differ From Big Tech

This article was first published as “Yes, publishers can compete with Google (here’s how)” on Digital Content Next, of which Lineup Systems is a supporting

10 October 2019
265 Min Read
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Will the Taboola-Outbrain Merger Impact Adpoint?

Taboola and Outbrain recently announced a plan to merge, joining forces to reach over 2 billion people per month via content recommendation widgets at the

8 October 2019
391 37 Min Read
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The Future of Media Lies in a Better Experience

  Media companies that want to “future proof” their business must focus on creating a better experience – for readers and advertisers alike. This was

3 October 2019
308 9 Min Read
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Podcasts as Revenue Generators: Silver Bullet or Red Herring?

It is no secret that podcasts are booming. The medium has been growing for years, and analysts once skeptical are now reporting that this growth

1 October 2019
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Lineup Systems Hosts 5th Annual User Conference at Banking Hall

  For the fifth year in a row, Lineup System’s customers gathered in London for the Annual Global User Conference to learn and network with

26 September 2019
248 5 Min Read
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Google Ad Manager UI Changes: How They Affect Adpoint

Nearly four months ago, Google announced a plan to relaunch their core booking and creative workflow in Google Ad Manager (GAM), as part of their

25 September 2019
282 17 Min Read
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Ad Buyers Want to Understand ROI – Are You Ready to Teach Them?

If you haven’t listened to Borrell’s new ‘Local Marketing Trends’ podcast, you’re missing out. Just five episodes in, hosts Corey Elliot and Gordon Borrell have

19 September 2019
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