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    Lineup Launches 'Opportunities Enhanced' to Transform Adpoint’s CRM Experience

    BROOMFIELD, CO: Lineup Systems is excited to announce the launch of its much-anticipated 'Opportunities Enhanced' program.  Opportunities Enhanced is set to leverage the power of Lineup’s end-to-end sales management system, Adpoint, by enabling customers to seamlessly funnel CRM data into their...

    04 May 2021
    7 Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Meeting

    As the weather gets warmer and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, outdoor meetings offer media companies an alternative to hosting video calls while working from home (which will likely remain the norm for several more months). Al fresco meetings are a great idea for advertising sales teams...

    29 April 2021
    A Year After Initial Lockdowns, Here’s How Subscriptions Are Doing

    Now that the world has been living with the COVID-19 pandemic for a little over a year, the media industry is reflecting on the events of the past 12 months and the impact the public health crisis has had on publishers large and small. While the advertising side of nearly every media business took...

    22 April 2021
    Editorial Decisions that Impact Advertising

    Since 2019, digital advertising in news media spaces has taken a larger market share than traditional advertising. The change builds from technological advancements that more precisely collect, analyze, and segregate audience data that can be leveraged for financial benefit. Whereas historically...

    20 April 2021
    What is Customer Lifetime Value?

    It’s imperative for all media organizations to be able to identify and prioritize their most valuable customers in terms of both audiences and advertisers. While technology solutions such as customer data platforms can help you gain a deep understanding of your audience, the customer lifetime value...

    15 April 2021
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    Will Cinema Advertising Ever Bounce Back?

    From Warner Bros. collapsing the theatrical window by releasing all their 2021 films online at the same time as in theaters, to AMC launching private screenings and theatre spaces--the movie industry

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    2021 Subscription Trends - and How to Leverage Them ASAP

    We recently asked our customers, "What's your favorite thing about working in the media industry?" One response quickly emerged as the most popular reason: "It's always changing!" While that change

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    Subscription Management Platform, ‘Amplio’, Launched by Leading SaaS Provider

    BROOMFIELD, CO - Lineup Systems today announced that their highly-anticipated subscriptions platform, “Amplio,” is now available to the media market. The platform promises to grow subscription

    09 February 2021
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    Streaming Media and the Case for Combining Advertising and Subscription Models

    Streaming media companies have been quick to realize the multiple benefits of combining revenue models, and have seized the opportunity to establish thriving subscription and advertising businesses.

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    Will Super Bowl Advertising Ever Be The Same?

    As one of the most watched televised sporting events on the planet, the Super Bowl has long established itself as an iconic tradition of American culture that brings together music and entertainment,

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    Will News Media Suffer After the 'Trump Bump'? An Analysis

    Donald Trump’s contentious term has been one of the most divisive times in modern American political history, but not everyone suffered. For media publishers ranging from The New York Times to The

    28 January 2021
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    Chris Spalding Named Chief Executive Officer of Lineup Systems

    LONDON, United Kingdom - Lineup Systems, the leading SaaS business providing advertising sales software to media companies globally, today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Chris

    26 January 2021
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    Conflicting Revenue Strategies? Here’s How to Reconcile Them

    Publishers worldwide are working to bolster their media organizations’ bottom lines by establishing multiple revenue streams. It’s clear that relying solely on advertising dollars is a risky move in

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    5 Industries That Dominated Advertising in 2020

    While tourism brands spent much of 2020 sharing messages like “now is not the time to travel” and “we’ll see you once it’s safe,” other industries began thriving during the pandemic. And as

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    The Surprising Demographic Monetized by Gaming Apps

    Gone are the days when video games were only popular among children who would eagerly clamber around the television set after school to play in their favorite make-believe worlds. The industry has