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    Programmatic Glossary for 2022

    As the new year begins and we’re getting back to our usual working days after the holidays, it’s a good idea to make sure we’re still up to speed with all the current terminology. As Digital constantly evolves with new terms being added to our advertising lexicons, we’ve created a handy guide to...

    18 January 2022
    Lineup announces development of much-anticipated CRM enhancements for easier connections with marketing automation tools

    BROOMFIELD, CO:  The product team at Lineup has announced phase one of a much-anticipated CRM enhancement that will allow for simpler, more user-friendly connections to marketing automation tools.   The update will undoubtedly bring sales and marketing teams closer together by enabling easier...

    11 January 2022
    Adweek Report Reveals: The Cookieless Future of Sell-Side Digital Advertising

    As the impending end of third-party cookies grows closer, media organizations worldwide are working to adapt their business models and change their approaches to digital advertising. In an exclusive survey conducted by Adweek Branded, a subsidiary of Adweek, more than 100 sell-side digital...

    04 January 2022
    Looking Back at 2021

    2021 has been a challenging year for everyone, with the entire world continuing to navigate the pandemic and coming to terms with the ‘new normal’ ways of working.   I am very proud of the work the Lineup team has put in to deliver innovative products to our customers and how well the team work...

    28 December 2021
    How to Evaluate Technology Options: Guide to Buying Enterprise Technology

    When the time comes for your media organization to replace an outdated technology system, you’ll typically embark on a fairly long road to finding a new solution. First, you need to get clear on your company goals for the new tech, then identify gaps within your organization that the solution must...

    21 December 2021
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    4 Reasons to Conduct Best Practice Reviews of Your Tech

    When you invest in a product—for example, a technology solution or even a car—you want to leverage its full potential. This often means you need to take a look under the hood (pun intended) to get a

    21 September 2021
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    4 Key Features to Look for in Your Next CRM

    As a forward thinking publisher, you know your sales team needs top notch tech to compete with ease and speed in today’s media landscape. Whether you’re on the hunt for your first customer

    14 September 2021
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    8 Benefits of Modern, Flexible Media Sales Reporting

    Data is integral to every media organization’s marketing and sales functions. In today’s media landscape, publishers have access to unprecedented volumes of information, so it’s no surprise that 95%

    07 September 2021
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    Why Did We Create Amplio?

    It has been six months since Lineup Systems’ Amplio subscription management platform arrived on the media market with the aim of helping publishers quickly increase subscription revenue. In this

    31 August 2021
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    3 Troubleshooting Tips for Digital Campaigns

    As increasing numbers of media organizations undergo digital transformation, publishers are often left at the mercy of third-party technology systems when planning or executing digital advertising

    25 August 2021
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    Why Publishers Need Technology that Offers Invoicing Flexibility

    The media sales landscape looks drastically different today than it did even 5 years ago. A changing advertising market, a booming subscription economy, and a global pandemic have all spurred media

    10 August 2021
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    Defining Your CRM Strategy—and How to Implement It

    A robust customer relationship management (CRM) system can help optimize your media organization’s marketing and sales efforts by fine-tuning touch points throughout your customer lifecycle. The tool

    03 August 2021
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    Will 5G Be a Gamechanger for Media Owners?

    Telecommunications technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, bringing 5G and Industry 4.0 to the doorsteps of countries around the globe. More than 130 nations plan to invest in 5G, with 5G

    29 July 2021
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    The Return of Out-of-Home Advertising?

    Billboards and other types of out-of-home (OOH) advertising have been a mainstay of the media and marketing industries for decades. Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to press pause on

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    Pay4Media: Clearing Technological Hurdles for Payment Processing

    The migration of news media to digital spaces has opened up creative, growing revenue streams like digital subscriptions and publisher agencies, but much of the industry still dominantly relies on

    20 July 2021