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    71% of Publishers Seeking to Diversify Revenue After COVID: Here Are the Models They're Considering

    Advertising spend is expected to shrink over 8% worldwide by the end of 2020, according to WARC’s Global Ad Trends Report. This drop of nearly $50 billion has prompted publishers around the globe to adapt their revenue models to make up for the shortfall.

    19 November 2020
    76% of Publishers List Gathering First-Party Data Among Top Priorities

    As platforms and governments roll out increased user data protection measures, the era of third-party cookies faces an inevitable crumble. In its place, publishers are finding subscriptions-based, first-party data an opportunity to bite into. In this recent report from NAPCO, 76% of publishers...

    12 November 2020
    Las Vegas Review-Journal Chooses Adpoint to Replace Legacy System

    BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Lineup Systems today announced that the Las Vegas Review-Journal has chosen Adpoint, Lineup System’s multichannel advertising sales solution, to replace their existing system. Kim Espejo, Information Technology Director at Las Vegas Review-Journal, said the current system,...

    10 November 2020
    58% of Publishers List Big Tech as Looming Threat

    Tech giants have monopolized the digital advertising market over the past decade. These companies collect tons of user data and offer robust ad targeting as well as massive reach to brands—all for a relatively low cost. As a result, this level of competition has proven challenging for even the...

    05 November 2020
    Political Ad Spend: Will 2020 Change Future Elections?

    As the day of the highly anticipated and hotly contested U.S. presidential election arrives, both major parties agree that the national and global impact of its outcome will last for generations. For the first time ever, political ad spend is projected to exceed a massive $11 billion--more than the...

    03 November 2020
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    Working From Home Indefinitely? Focus on These 4 Areas

    The digital real estate advertising firm Zillow made headlines in August with news that the organization will allow employees to work from home indefinitely. Many other companies, including those in

    08 September 2020
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    SMB Media Buyer Reveals What They Look for When Placing Media Buys

    Competition for advertisers’ dollars has increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as many organizations’ marketing budgets have dwindled in response to a shifting global economic landscape. As

    03 September 2020
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    Digital Audio Advertising:  The Next Big Thing for Media Owners?

    Commercial radio started in the United States nearly a century ago.  Since KDKA launched in November 1920, radio has broadcast historic world events, made music hugely popular, allowed people to be

    01 September 2020
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    8 Things Publishers Can Learn From Social Media Self-Service

    As a publisher, you need to offer advertisers both convenience and results to win and keep their business in today’s competitive media landscape. Nowadays, digital marketers and small business owners

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    How to Prepare for the Death of Cookies

    For the last few years, the 'death of cookies' has been a hot topic of conversation in digital advertising. Opinions are plentiful (we've shared ours!) and practical advice has been scarce. But with

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    Lineup Announces Subscription Management Platform, ‘Amplio’ Coming Soon

        BROOMFIELD, CO - Lineup Systems today announced that development of a ground-breaking subscriptions platform, “Amplio,” is well underway. The platform, slated for release in late 2020, promises

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    6 Things the News Industry Can Learn from the Subscription Economy

    Growing numbers of publishers have turned to subscription models to make up for lost advertising revenue since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Subscription models don’t only benefit publishers, though.

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    8 Steps to Start Offering Marketing Services as a Publisher

    Publishers worldwide are turning to agency business models, offering marketing services to their advertisers in an effort to diversify revenue. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for media organizations to

    13 August 2020
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    Publishers Are Becoming Agencies—Here’s Why

      Publishers have begun to offer marketing services in increasing numbers over the past few years. This marks an important change in the relationships media organizations have traditionally held with

    11 August 2020
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    Covid-19's Impact on Advertising Spend Across 3 Critical Regions

      We’re eight months into 2020, and it’s safe to say our predictions from last year have been completely derailed. The whole world seemed to pause in mid-March, but now, months after lockdowns first