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    Lineup Launches 'Opportunities Enhanced' to Transform Adpoint’s CRM Experience

    BROOMFIELD, CO: Lineup Systems is excited to announce the launch of its much-anticipated 'Opportunities Enhanced' program.  Opportunities Enhanced is set to leverage the power of Lineup’s end-to-end sales management system, Adpoint, by enabling customers to seamlessly funnel CRM data into their...

    04 May 2021
    7 Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Meeting

    As the weather gets warmer and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, outdoor meetings offer media companies an alternative to hosting video calls while working from home (which will likely remain the norm for several more months). Al fresco meetings are a great idea for advertising sales teams...

    29 April 2021
    A Year After Initial Lockdowns, Here’s How Subscriptions Are Doing

    Now that the world has been living with the COVID-19 pandemic for a little over a year, the media industry is reflecting on the events of the past 12 months and the impact the public health crisis has had on publishers large and small. While the advertising side of nearly every media business took...

    22 April 2021
    Editorial Decisions that Impact Advertising

    Since 2019, digital advertising in news media spaces has taken a larger market share than traditional advertising. The change builds from technological advancements that more precisely collect, analyze, and segregate audience data that can be leveraged for financial benefit. Whereas historically...

    20 April 2021
    What is Customer Lifetime Value?

    It’s imperative for all media organizations to be able to identify and prioritize their most valuable customers in terms of both audiences and advertisers. While technology solutions such as customer data platforms can help you gain a deep understanding of your audience, the customer lifetime value...

    15 April 2021
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    Nope, the Fake News Era Isn't Over Yet

    From the time he first announced his candidacy to a rocky transfer of power in early 2021, Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency remained a complex relationship for the majority of media

    07 January 2021
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    2021 Digital Advertising Trends Your Whole Team Should Talk About

    Global events this year threw a serious curve ball at organizations of all sizes in nearly every industry, including media. Publishers and advertisers reacted quickly to adapt to the public health

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    A Quick Guide to Securing Your Remote Workforce Through 2021

    Even with promising vaccine news making headlines, it's likely that many businesses will be working remotely for some (or all) of 2021. And if there's one thing 2020 has taught us all, it's that

    03 December 2020
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    Audience-Based Selling is Powered By a Robust Subscription Offering

    Throughout the history of advertising, advertisers have traditionally sold ads by utilizing space to place inventory or services in front of buyers. In print advertising, for instance, advertisers

    01 December 2020
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    6 Publishing Industry Changes We’re Thankful For

    This year has been more challenging than publishers and advertisers alike could have ever anticipated. In this new era we find ourselves in, digital transformation has accelerated at a rapid pace and

    24 November 2020
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    71% of Publishers Seeking to Diversify Revenue After COVID: Here Are the Models They're Considering

    Advertising spend is expected to shrink over 8% worldwide by the end of 2020, according to WARC’s Global Ad Trends Report. This drop of nearly $50 billion has prompted publishers around the globe to

    19 November 2020
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    76% of Publishers List Gathering First-Party Data Among Top Priorities

    As platforms and governments roll out increased user data protection measures, the era of third-party cookies faces an inevitable crumble. In its place, publishers are finding subscriptions-based,

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    Las Vegas Review-Journal Chooses Adpoint to Replace Legacy System

    BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Lineup Systems today announced that the Las Vegas Review-Journal has chosen Adpoint, Lineup System’s multichannel advertising sales solution, to replace their existing system. Kim

    10 November 2020
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    58% of Publishers List Big Tech as Looming Threat

    Tech giants have monopolized the digital advertising market over the past decade. These companies collect tons of user data and offer robust ad targeting as well as massive reach to brands—all for a

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    Political Ad Spend: Will 2020 Change Future Elections?

    As the day of the highly anticipated and hotly contested U.S. presidential election arrives, both major parties agree that the national and global impact of its outcome will last for generations. For