Integrate, Configure, or Build? The Pros and Cons of Each Approach

Sales media companies need a system that’s going to serve their diverse requirements–from managing customer orders to billing and collection to delivery. Ideally, all aspects of order management, CRM, finance, and data tracking should be joined into one cohesive system. There are three approaches for achieving this: Integrating media sales tools with your existing software...

21 November 2019
Yield Management Tips for Digital Publishers, Part Two

If you’re a digital publisher, you know that revenue management and maximizing yield involves more than analyzing eCPM trends. In part one of this two-part series, we discussed simple tips that could be used by all media companies as the foundation for yield optimization strategy.  Understanding your audience is a must, and an easy way...

19 November 2019
3 Yield Optimization Tips for Publishers (Part One)

Yield management can be described as analyzing data and performing certain optimization techniques to maximize performance and revenue. One of the simplest forms of inventory optimization for digital publishers is accurately pricing inventory. While the concept may sound pretty straight forward, a yield manager’s job is highly technical - and far from easy. To manage...

12 November 2019
Lineup Systems Launches Ground-Breaking Payment Portal: ‘Pay4media’

  Pay4Media’s innovative platform lets you take charge of credit control by automating the payment process and improving efficiency. This, in turn, improves working capital and frees up precious admin time. After listening to our customers’ pain points, the Lineup team has developed a flexible solution to streamline cash collection. This will free up finance teams to focus on large, difficult accounts while saving the...

13 November 2019
Yes, You Can Book Events With Adpoint! (Here’s How)

  While we love writing about multi-channel ad sales, the truth is that in some scenarios, all you really need is a single-channel solution. Because Adpoint is designed to be flexible for your business, managing orders for a specific channel, such as events, is incredibly easy and versatile. Best of all, you can still enjoy...

7 November 2019
If You Still Think Programmatic is Sold at a Lower Rate, Think Again

Due to the ever-changing digital landscape, and thanks to laws like GDPR and CCPA, there’s a growing interest in programmatic guaranteed over RTB-driven programmatic buys. Yet, despite the growing interest, a large part of the industry still believes outdated misconceptions around the topic in general.  Programmatic guaranteed is programmatic advertising in its simplest form. It...

5 November 2019
Bonus Glossary of Programmatic Advertising Terminology

Earlier this fall, we released the "A-Z Glossary of Digital Advertising Terms," and we were blown away by the response! Many of you downloaded the guide and sent us notes asking for more. Turns out, we can all benefit from a refresher from time to time, especially in an industry that is constantly evolving. In...

31 October 2019
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5 Steps to a Winning CRM Strategy for Your Media Business

If I had a dollar for every time a media company executive had asked me what they could do TODAY to grow their revenue; I

21 June 2019
725 2 Min Read
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10 Digital Advertising Trends to Look for in 2019

Every year, advertisers predict the hottest trends that will dominate the industry in the months to come. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s no

21 January 2019
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How CRM Technology Can Impact Your Sales Revenue Goals

Most CRM solutions help you plan campaigns, manage your leads and log orders, however, the best CRM solutions help you do so much more. From

17 December 2018
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Adpoint e-Connect: e-Dispatch Made Easy

Lineup Systems has launched Adpoint e-Connect, an easy-to-use e-dispatch solution for Adpoint customers designed specifically to take the hassle out of issuing important customer documents,

13 November 2018
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Shortening the Advertising Sales Cycle: 3 Tips

Salespeople bogged down by administration. Systems that don’t talk to each other. Client information that’s hard to get and analyze. If this sounds familiar, you’re

7 November 2018
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The Spectator Fast-Tracks its Advertising Sales Transformation

Established in 1828, and now owned by Press Holdings, The Spectator publishes what is still hailed as “the most influential weekly in the English language”

18 October 2018
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Admeira Selects Lineup’s Adpoint System to Achieve Advertising Sales and Operational Performance Uplift

Lineup Systems today announced that Admeira, Switzerland’s largest marketing company, has selected Adpoint as its system of choice for helping to deliver improved sales and

11 August 2018
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Metro US Takes Flight

There’s no doubt about it. The way we consume news and entertainment has radically changed over the past decade, creating both challenges and opportunities for

21 June 2018
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Lineup Systems Launches Adpoint App Market

Adpoint App Market Gives Customers Access to More than 50 of Adpoint’s Pre-Built Integrations to Publishing Applications Broomfield, Colo., May 15, 2018 – Lineup Systems, the leading

15 May 2018
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Why Media Companies are Pivoting from Audience Data to Ad Spend Data

Data is everywhere. It’s in our homes and our workplaces, on our TV screens and on the websites we visit. As big data impacts every

18 April 2018
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