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    4 Key Features to Look for in Your Next CRM

    As a forward thinking publisher, you know your sales team needs top notch tech to compete with ease and speed in today’s media landscape. Whether you’re on the hunt for your first customer relationship management (CRM) platform or you’re looking to replace a legacy system, it’s crucial to know...

    14 September 2021
    8 Benefits of Modern, Flexible Media Sales Reporting

    Data is integral to every media organization’s marketing and sales functions. In today’s media landscape, publishers have access to unprecedented volumes of information, so it’s no surprise that 95% of companies are leveraging data to fuel opportunities for predicting customer behavior and driving...

    07 September 2021
    Why Did We Create Amplio?

    It has been six months since Lineup Systems’ Amplio subscription management platform arrived on the media market with the aim of helping publishers quickly increase subscription revenue. In this article, we’ll explore why we created Amplio and how insightful conversations with publishers informed...

    31 August 2021
    3 Troubleshooting Tips for Digital Campaigns

    As increasing numbers of media organizations undergo digital transformation, publishers are often left at the mercy of third-party technology systems when planning or executing digital advertising campaigns for their customers. Unfortunately, this scenario can lead to delays in campaign delivery...

    25 August 2021
    Why Publishers Need Technology that Offers Invoicing Flexibility

    The media sales landscape looks drastically different today than it did even 5 years ago. A changing advertising market, a booming subscription economy, and a global pandemic have all spurred media organizations to transform their sales packages and processes so their businesses can remain...

    10 August 2021
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    What Publishers Need to Know About Gen Z News Consumption

    With buying power between $100-200 billion, the younger generation known as Zoomers or Gen Z is not a market share to be ignored. They are digital nomads and digital natives raised in the fast-paced

    23 March 2021
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    How Your Subscription Funnel Impacts Advertising Revenue

    Advertising has been fueling publishers' revenue engines for decades, and will likely continue to be so for years to come. Ad sales currently account for 72% of media organizations’ revenue,

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    Publishers Can Lead the Way on Accessible Advertising: Here’s How

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has only existed for the past 30 years--and it codified civil rights protections in communications, transportation, employment, and other areas of life for

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    A Year After Lockdown, Here’s How Advertising is Doing

    This week marks one year since the global coronavirus crisis was declared a pandemic. The public health emergency sent markets into turmoil and prompted companies of all sizes across multiple

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    Women in Tech: Thoughts From Female Leaders at Lineup

    In early January 2021, Fortune Magazine published a startling statistic: of the 140,000 jobs lost in the month of December alone in the United States, all of them were women.  A 2019 analysis from NS

    08 March 2021
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    16 Subscription Terms Every Advertising Professional Should Know

    Subscription business models have cemented themselves as a dominant feature on the media landscape and an essential complement to traditional advertising models. Subscriptions are also a fan favorite

    04 March 2021
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    McClatchy Adopts Adpoint for Ad Sales Operations Across 30 US Markets

    BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Lineup Systems today announced that The McClatchy Company (McClatchy) has selected Lineup System’s multichannel advertising sales solution, Adpoint, to replace multiple existing

    02 March 2021
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    Why We’re Still Talking About Revenue Diversification

    With so much buzz about combined revenue models in the media industry over the past year, we have to ask, why are executives always talking about media revenue diversification? Aren’t they doing it

    25 February 2021
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    The Future of Ad Targeting: 5 Targeting Models Taking Off

    As cookies slowly phase out in response to digital privacy law and platform changes, publishers and advertisers must engage new models for revenue generation and reaching audiences. Transformations

    23 February 2021
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    Will Cinema Advertising Ever Bounce Back?

    From Warner Bros. collapsing the theatrical window by releasing all their 2021 films online at the same time as in theaters, to AMC launching private screenings and theatre spaces--the movie industry