3 Reasons You Should Audit Your Database Regularly

The need for high-quality, first-party data has become more prevalent than ever before, as publishers and advertisers alike grapple with increasingly complex data privacy regulations, and face off against walled gardens for audiences’ attention. Your data is only as valuable as it is clean. This is true regardless of what platform(s) your company uses to...

27 February 2020
A Day in the Life of a Digital Media Buyer

Media buying has been a pillar of the advertising industry for decades. Media buyers are crucial to helping brands secure relevant and impactful ad placements for their products and services—at the most competitive rates possible and across a multitude of carefully curated advertising channels. As the world of marketing and advertising continues to undergo intense...

25 February 2020
Digital Signatures: Yes, They’re Legal, and You Should Be Using Them

Have you ever “signed” a PDF with a picture of your signature and wondered, “Is this legal?” Or maybe you aim for the strictest compliance, so you print out every document, sign with a pen, and send back a scanned copy. The truth is, these conveniences can work for small agreements, but they aren’t always...

18 February 2020
2019 Digital Ad Spend by Industry (Hint: Retail Dominated!)

As retail marketers face increased demand to deliver on multiple priorities, it’s no surprise that digital advertising spend in the industry grew by nearly 20% in 2019. Retail marketers have robust to-do lists—raising brand awareness, attracting new customers, keeping current customers and increasing personalization in their marketing—and these initiatives require a solid digital advertising plan....

13 February 2020
Space to Grow Without Third Party Data: Q&A with NASA’s Social Team

With less than two years until the death of third party cookies, digital transformation is a reality now more than ever. In recent years, the industry has grown accustomed to a data-driven approach to just about everything. So much so that it seems creativity and cleverness have taken a backseat - but that is changing. ...

11 February 2020
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Lineup Systems Joins Digital Content Next as Supporting Member

Lineup Systems announced today that they’ve signed on as a supporting member of Digital Content Next (DCN), a trade organization dedicated to “serving the unique

22 August 2019
868 7 Min Read
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Free Digital Advertising Glossary to Print, Search & Save

As digital advertising continues to rapidly evolve, so does the vocabulary. Even the most interested among us can have a hard time keeping up. Whether

21 August 2019
1213 11 Min Read
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5 Steps to a Winning CRM Strategy for Your Media Business

If I had a dollar for every time a media company executive had asked me what they could do TODAY to grow their revenue; I

21 June 2019
1028 2 Min Read
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10 Digital Advertising Trends to Look for in 2019

Every year, advertisers predict the hottest trends that will dominate the industry in the months to come. As technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s no

21 January 2019
1564 5 Min Read
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How CRM Technology Can Impact Your Sales Revenue Goals

Most CRM solutions help you plan campaigns, manage your leads and log orders, however, the best CRM solutions help you do so much more. From

17 December 2018
659 4 Min Read
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Adpoint e-Connect: e-Dispatch Made Easy

Lineup Systems has launched Adpoint e-Connect, an easy-to-use e-dispatch solution for Adpoint customers designed specifically to take the hassle out of issuing important customer documents,

13 November 2018
859 9 Min Read
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Shortening the Advertising Sales Cycle: 3 Tips

Salespeople bogged down by administration. Systems that don’t talk to each other. Client information that’s hard to get and analyze. If this sounds familiar, you’re

7 November 2018
408 8 Min Read
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The Spectator Fast-Tracks its Advertising Sales Transformation

Established in 1828, and now owned by Press Holdings, The Spectator publishes what is still hailed as “the most influential weekly in the English language”

18 October 2018
613 3 Min Read
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Admeira Selects Lineup’s Adpoint System to Achieve Advertising Sales and Operational Performance Uplift

Lineup Systems today announced that Admeira, Switzerland’s largest marketing company, has selected Adpoint as its system of choice for helping to deliver improved sales and

11 August 2018
690 13 Min Read
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Metro US Takes Flight

There’s no doubt about it. The way we consume news and entertainment has radically changed over the past decade, creating both challenges and opportunities for

21 June 2018
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