Is the Google Antitrust Probe a Sales Opportunity for Publishers?

The relationship between Google and news media publishers has historically been symbiotic: publishers allow Google to aggregate their content for free and in exchange, Google makes that content accessible to the billions of people using the search engine every day, also for free. In return, Google gets usage and clicks on paid ads adjacent to...

17 September 2019
3 Questions to Ask Every Vendor About Their Business Structure

  When evaluating a large software purchase, it is easy to get caught up in exciting features and functions. Understanding your requirements is a great place to start, but as you evaluate your many options, don’t forget to scrutinize the corporate structure of the vendors as much as you are their products. There are enormous benefits to working with SaaS companies who...

12 September 2019
4 Tips to Start Growing Revenue by Selling Marketing Services

Becoming a master of diversification as a publisher has become absolutely necessary for future-proofing growth and outpacing the competition. In ‘5 Strategies Leading Media Companies Use To Drive Digital Revenue,’ we highlighted publishers’ aim to expand sales efforts and create a multitude of revenue streams. One of these revenue streams is quickly gaining in popularity:...

11 September 2019
10 Questions to Ask When Your Vendor Rebrands

 The average company will rebrand every 7-10 years.  There are many reasons for doing so, from modernizing an outdated look to reputation management. In 2017, we revamped our logo and color scheme for a clean, modern look, but kept our name and mission statement. This kind of “revamp” happens often – but in 2019, a different...

5 September 2019
Quality Data and an Audience-Based Selling Approach

The two most influential data events of 2018 were the introduction of the GDPR and the Facebook/Cambridge Analytics data scandal.    In late 2015, EU administrators began to actively target data reform. They introduced the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation,  to ensure that “people have more control over their personal data” while promoting “a level playing field” for businesses.   Affecting everything from backend...

3 September 2019
Need to Reduce Software Costs? First, Calculate Your TCO

Reducing costs is often the driving force behind a system or process switch, and yet we all know the three pillars of People, Process and Technology must be aligned for future business success. Even as people are trained and processes are automated, investment in technology increases. Gartner’s IT Score CIO survey confirms that 62% of...

29 August 2019
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5 Ways to Ensure Your Team Gets the Most Out of Every Ad Order

Major media companies are demanding new prospects and deeper margins from their ad sales departments—but they aren’t getting the results they expect. In fact, just

10 August 2015
826 4 Min Read
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Michael Mendoza Interview Translated for German Industry Publication

Lineup CEO Michael Mendoza’s fresh perspectives on the global media industry and publishers’ challenges in growing advertising sales have been published in the German edition

12 July 2015
    52 2 Min Read
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    News UK and Lineup Systems share stage at INMA Advertising Ideas

    News UK’s Business Services Director Steve Bottomley has shared a speaking platform with Lineup’s CEO Michael Mendoza on the intricacies of programmatic advertising at the

    25 April 2015
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    Lineup Systems Named a Finalist in Two Industry Awards

    Lineup Systems is honoured to be a finalist for the Best Use of Advertising Technology award, with the winner to be announced on April 29, 2015. The award

    26 March 2015
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      Lineup Systems Recognized Among Britain’s Hot Talent

      Lineup Systems, the leading global provider of advertising sales solutions, has officially been recognized among Britain’s Hot Talent by the British Private Equity & Venture

      13 January 2015
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        Lineup Systems and AdJuster Join Forces to Provide Delivery Data

        Lineup Systems and Ad-Juster Join Forces to Provide Actual Delivery Data Lineup Systems innovates as fast as the media market evolves. Our media clients can

        10 December 2014
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        Lineup Systems Shows its Strength in the US at the Mega Conference

        Lineup Systems, one of the leading advertising sales solutions providers for the worldwide media industry, will be attending a number of industry events in 2014,

        7 December 2014
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          Lineup Systems Finishes on a High at the World Publishing Expo

          Lineup Systems’ recent business success stories preceded a strong presence at the IFRA World Publishing Expo in Amsterdam. Lineup Systems announced expanded US operations, new

          20 October 2014
            47 Min Read
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            NDC mediagroep Goes Live with Lineup Systems’ Adpoint

            Lineup Systems’ web based advertising sales and management system AdPoint has successfully launched at leading Netherlands based publisher NDC mediagroep. The new AdPoint advertising system

            14 October 2014
              40 4 Min Read
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              Lineup Collaborates with ppi Media for Metro deployment

              Lineup Systems’ agile 100% web-based advertising system AdPoint integrates seamlessly with any 3rd party sales, production or finance system or ad server. This positions Lineup

              13 October 2014
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